We’re Traveling to Baguio, Wanna Meet? As a Friend…

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When Filipino actor Paolo Contis broke his silence a few days ago over his split with his partner LJ Reyes through an Instagram post, “Baguio as a friend” became a trending topic on social media. Contis has been rumored to be in a relationship with Yen Santos, his co-star in the movie “A Faraway Land”. In his Instagram post, he confirmed that he indeed spent time with Santos in Baguio, but he said that she was there with him “as a friend”. His statement gave rise to numerous memes among Filipino netizens, and of course, I jumped on the social media trend as well. It was very timely because last Friday we traveled to Baguio and stayed there overnight.

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Is Baguio already open for tourism?

Baguio became a trending topic because of the Paolo-Yen issue, and a lot of people have been asking if Baguio is already open for tourism. As of today until September 19, 2021, non-essential travels to Baguio from all areas regardless of quarantine classification are suspended. APORs (authorized persons outside of residence) are allowed subject to requirements. As we are considered APORs (workers in business process outsourcing establishments, export-oriented businesses, including mining, and quarrying activities), we were able to go to Baguio last Friday.

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What are the requirements for non-resident private APORs on official travel to Baguio?

Regardless of quarantine classification, essential travels coming from outside Baguio are required to present negative results of the RT-PCR test conducted within 72 hours before entry. Fully vaccinated individuals may present vaccination documents in lieu of test results. (You are considered a fully vaccinated individual if you have received the second dose of the vaccine more than 2 weeks prior to travel.) Antigen test results are no longer accepted as a testing method for unvaccinated non-resident travelers. Aside from the negative test results of the RT-PCR test, you also need to present the following:
  • Any documents as proof of (1) employment, business, or work-related function in a permitted industry operating in Baguio City, (2) indispensable transaction, or (3) enrollment in an educational, instructional, or training institution with permitted face-to-face classes in the City.
  • Original or Certified True Copy of a Travel Order issued by Head of Office or his/her authorized designate, if applicable.
  • If fully vaccinated in a legitimate facility outside of Baguio:
    • QR Code issued through a duly registered Health Declaration Form at https://hdf.baguio.gov.ph/;
    • COVID-19 domestic Vaccination Card issued by a legitimate vaccinating establishment or Certificate of Quarantine Completion showing the holder’s vaccination status as issued by the Bureau of Quarantine.
  • If not fully vaccinated:
    • QR Code issued through a duly registered Health Declaration Form at https://hdf.baguio.gov.ph/;
    • Negative results of RT-PCR test conducted within seventy-two (72) hours prior to entry into Baguio. In the absence of negative test results, the traveler shall submit himself/herself for testing at the Baguio City Central Triage Unit.

Where to Stay in Baguio City: The Orchard Hotel Baguio

Dinner at Cocina Del Sol

Cocina Del Sol

During our trip to Baguio, we had dinner at Cocina Del Sol. The restaurant serves a variety of classic Spanish cuisine favorites such as paella and tapas, smoked meat, kiln-cooked foods, and salads. This restaurant was not included in my list of where to eat in Baguio because I haven’t heard about it before. But I highly recommend this place if you want to experience intimate al fresco-style dining. Not only that but the food is really delicious, especially their roast pork belly.

The restaurant is located at Foothill St. Crystal Cave, Baguio City. Dining in is by reservation. You can message them on their Facebook page for inquiries and bookings.

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Massage at KS Aesthetics

During our trip, we also squeezed in some time for a massage. We were planning on going to Himaya Spa, but it was still closed when we went there at 10:00 AM. Luckily, we found another one near our hotel. They only have two massage beds, and there were three of us. The good thing is that they also do home service. So instead of us getting a massage there, their therapists came to our hotel room instead.

It was a relaxing massage, and the massage therapist even did some palm reading on me. I shouldn’t be writing about it here anymore, but I just want to just in case what she said comes true.

So the palm reading wasn’t intentional. It was just that when she was massaging my palm, she started saying I am mabait (kind) which I think is very accurate hahaha. Then she said I am not the jealous type (which is also true). She also said I’m going to receive a large amount of money (I hope she’s right haha). And then I asked about my love life. She said there’s nothing to worry about because boys are running after me. Mmmm, I think she got it wrong on this part. Hahaha. I asked her how is that even possible when it’s them who leave me. She told me to just wait because eventually, they will come back and run after me. Mmm… let’s see about that.

Anyway, if you’re in Baguio and want to have a massage, I recommend KS Aesthetics. Their shop is located at 39 Legarda Road, Baguio City. It is very near Orchard Hotel. If you’re availing of the home service, the massage should be a minimum of 2 hours. It costs Php 600 which I think is a very reasonable price. Their service hour is 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily and you can reach them at +63 917 166 5299.

So that’s it for our quick trip to Baguio. Sorry, we are already back in Mankayan so you can’t meet us as a friend anymore. Hahaha. If you have any questions, send me a message or leave them in the comments section below. And if you haven’t subscribed to my blog yet, please do so you don’t miss any of my posts. And please follow my Facebook page @iwentanyways and like my Instagram accounts @iwentanyways and @tnadeperalta for updates.

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