Walking from Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan to Jesus Point in Carille, San Fernando, La Union

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Looking for something else to do in Elyu when you can’t surf because there are no waves? Try walking on the beach from Urbiztondo Beach in San Juan to Jesus Point in Carille in San Fernando and back. It will take you almost 2 hours to walk to Carille and back to Urbiztondo Beach. The total distance is 8.2 km or longer, depending on how far you’ll go when you reach Carille.

Urbiztondo Beach to Carille Walk

I did this walk during my field break last month. It was my first time doing this route in the seven years that we’ve been living in San Juan. I used to do long walks on the beach in 2016, but it was always in the opposite direction, towards Taboc.

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Jesus Point
Selfie at Jesus Point

When I went on my field break last month after 2 months on the field, I made it a point to go on walks in the afternoon. For it to not be boring, I would do different routes every day. Sometimes I would walk towards Taboc and back, other days it would be towards Jesus Pt. There was a day when I was joined by my friend Violet. We walked to Carille and stayed there for some photo sesh during sunset. On my way back home (we live in Urbiztondo), I asked my brother to pick me up in Carille. I didn’t walk anymore because it was already dark and Violet lives in Carille area.

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With Violet
Sunset in Carille
We love having our photo sesh in Carille because we can easily find a spot where there are no people.
Sunset in Carille
We got lucky because we had a really nice sunset during that day

Walking from Urbiztondo Beach to Jesus Point in Carille

The walk on the beach is easy and relaxing. There’s not really much to say about the walk but I really recommend that you try it too if you want to do something unusual. You’ll pass by some beautiful beach houses. This part of the beach is not crowded unlike in Urbiztondo Beach. During your walk, you’ll pass by some people on the beach, and they are locals. There are very few tourists in this part. Below are some photos I took during my walk.

Urbiztondo Beach

Carille is a point break in San Fernando City located south of Urbiztondo. Surfers come here when the waves are too big in Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan. I guess it was called Jesus Point because of the statue of Jesus there.

When you have good weather, I suggest you schedule your walk an hour and 10 or 20 minutes before the sunset. The walk to Jesus Point is around 50 to 55 minutes. The sunset in Carille is really nice so I say make sure you are there before the sunset. Also, the watchtower of San Fernando can be found here.

Sunset in Carille
Sunset in Carille when I walked with Violet
Jesus Point
Jesus Point. This is how it looks like when it is cloudy

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