Sham Shui Po: A Craft Lover’s Heaven

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For craft lovers like me looking for a place in Hong Kong to buy stuff for DIY projects, Sham Shui Po is the place to go. The moment I got out of the A2 exit of the Sham Shui Po MTR station, it felt like I was back in Manila because the place looks a lot like Quiapo or Divisoria in the Philippines.

Sham shui po

I went to Sham Shui Po on my last day in Hong Kong. The shops selling craft materials such as beads, chains, cords, feathers, leather, buttons, fabrics, glue guns, and other craft materials are found in Yu Chau Street. I felt so happy the moment I got to Yu Chau Street and saw the shops. I don’t know, I get excited every time I see beads and cords and chains. It’s like I want to buy everything. I went inside all of the shops to check what they have.

Some shops have row after row of jars filled with all types of beads of different sizes and shapes. To buy beads, you pick up a basket near the counter and scoop the beads that you wanted to buy. The jars are labeled with the price of the beads. You pay according to the weight of the beads.

jars of beads in a craft shop in Sham Shui Po
pre-packed beads in a craft shop in Sham Shui Po
Paracords in a craft shop in Sham Shui Po
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Most of the beads and metal charms in the shops are available and way cheaper in Quiapo. Paracords, however, are hard to find in Manila. I often buy the good ones online so I was ecstatic when I saw a shop selling paracords in different colors, designs, and thicknesses. In another shop, I found cloth cords with beautiful tribal prints. I was tempted to spend all of my remaining dollars to buy cords and beads but I reminded myself of the budget I set for craft material shopping.

How to get to Sham Shui Po:

Take MTR Tsuen Wan Line and get off at Sham Shui Po Station. Take Exit A2 and walk towards Yu Chau Street. It is about a 5-10 minutes walk from the station.

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