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Traveling Somewhere? Here’s How to Download Your Philippine Vaccine Certificate

Last Updated on September 17, 2021 by Tina

The Philippine government has finally launched its digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate system. The website, VaxCertPH, is supposed to provide all Filipinos with a digital vaccine certificate that can be verified as authentic by a centralized government database when it is fully operational. As per the website, the portal is currently on pilot launch within the National Capital Region (NCR) and Baguio City, focusing on overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and international travelers.

I’ve tried downloading my vaccine certificate on the website, and I was able to get it even though I am not really traveling internationally. Below is how I did it.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to download your COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate:

1. Go to VaxCertPH website.

Just type in in your browser to get to the VaxCertPH website. The website looks like this:

VaxCertPH website

Click the Continue button to request for a vaccination certificate. You can also verify a vaccination certificate QR code on the website.

2. Review and accept the data privacy statement.

Tick on the box and click continue to proceed. You will then be asked if you are traveling abroad. Select Yes even if you are not traveling abroad.

You will get this message if you select no in the options:

Go back and select yes instead. You will then be asked for your vaccination status and when you received your full dose. Click on Next after answering the questions.

3. Enter your personal details.

Type in your last name, first name, middle name, and date of birth. Then click Next.


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4. Enter your vaccination details.

Tick on the box if your vaccine brand is Johnson and Johnson. Then select in the drop-down menu where you had your 1st dose vaccination, the date of your 1st dose, where you had your second dose vaccination if it is a double dose vaccine, and the date of your 2nd dose. Then click on the Verify Vaccination Information button.

5. Review your personal and vaccination details.

You will then be asked to review the details you have entered. If everything looks good, click on the Continue button to proceed.

As a way of checking, you will be asked to enter the characters shown to you.

If the details you entered are correct, you will receive a message saying your record has been found. Click on the Generate Vaccination Certificate button.

6. Download your vaccination certificate.

You are now ready to download your vaccination certificate. All you need to do is click on the Download Vaccination Certificate button. You will then have a pdf file of your certificate.

Below is how the vaccination certificate looks like. It has your personal details as well as the details of the vaccine administered to you.

Of course, I also tried the QR code if it is really working. To do that I went to VaxCertPH website. Then I clicked the Scan button and scanned the QR code on my vaccination certificate.

VaxCertPH website

And it is verified! It showed my complete name, gender, number of doses, the date of my last vaccination, and the vaccine that was administered to me.

It is said that the vaccination certificate is faithful to the World Health Organization standards for digital vaccine certificates and should be recognized by applications that certify vaccination and testing records.

I hope you found this guide useful. Make sure you don’t post a copy of your vaccination certificate online. And if you haven’t been vaccinated yet, I urge you to get jabbed now, not only for you but for the vulnerable people around you.

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