Exploring Surigao City: Sea Breeze Paradiso Resort in Sibale Island

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Last Eid’l Fitr, we explored another beach in Surigao City. Our plan was to go to Aurora, a barangay located in Hanigad Island. But while we were in Brgy. Cantiasay waiting for our boat, we were told by one of the residents there that there is no swimming area in Aurora. He recommended Zaragoza in Sibale Island instead. None of us knows about Aurora or Zaragoza so we decided to follow his recommendation.

Zaragoza is a barangay located in Sibale Island and is famous for its rock formations. Unfortunately, I failed to take a picture of the rock formations when we passed by them on our way to the resort because I was afraid that I might drop my phone in the water. I thought I could take a picture of it on our way back to Cantiasay but the boatman took a different route. 🙁

Zaragoza Rock Formation (photo from www.surigaocity.gov.ph)

I have no idea how the beach looks like in Zaragoza because not much is written about it on the internet except for the beautiful rock formations. Though we were told that the beach and the resort are beautiful, I didn’t set any expectations anymore as I might get disappointed again.

Sea Breeze Paradiso Resort

After about 30 minutes boat ride from Cantiasay, we arrived at Sea Breeze Paradiso Resort. As soon as I got off the boat, I was speechless. Fine, white sand; vibrant, azure water, and the best part- I didn’t see any rubbish in the water. The resort was equally beautiful too. Clean, well-maintained, with a very good sound system and upbeat music playing in the background, and with cottages that are very affordable. They don’t charge an entrance fee in the resort, you only have to pay for the table or cottage and it already includes the use of the shower room.

The resort
The rental for this table is Php 200.00
Rental of this is also Php 200.00
We rented this for Php 400.00 only
This is for rent for Php 600.00

I wanted to go swimming right away but then I decided to take pictures of the area first. That’s when I found out that they also have a cottage where one could stay overnight. The room is big and has its own bathroom. Not air-conditioned but there are wall fans. The windows don’t have a screen but mosquito nets are provided.

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The room has plenty of windows and a fan.
I asked Betchay to be the scale to give an idea of how big the bed is.
The bathroom

Room Rates

For an overnight stay, the package costs Php 2500.00 for 4 persons and an additional Php 200.00 per head for additional persons. That already includes pickup from Surigao City to the resort and back to the city the following day. Breakfast is not included in the package and they do not serve food but they sell cold drinks. Guests can bring food and they can cook in the resort.

The cottage

After inquiring about their overnight rate, I went around to check the rest of the resort before changing to my swimming attire.

This is a lemon tree. According to the mother of the owner of the resort, this tree was grown from the seed of a lemon they bought from the supermarket.
The shower room
Inside the shower room

What to Do in Sea Breeze Paradiso Resort / Sibale Island

If you are not in the mood for swimming, you can chill on these stools while enjoying the view of the sea…
…or you can sit on this swing…
…while eating “tambis” or water apple. These were picked from a tree in the resort.
Me enjoying the water with the kids
With Betchay and Marlyn
This boat is called Bandong
Marlyn’s sons
Sibale Island is lined with coconut trees

Of all the beaches in Surigao City that I have visited, this so far is my favorite. I highly recommend it to those who are looking for a quiet place to relax. We were the only guest when we visited the resort. Though this place is 45 minutes away from the city, it has electricity and there is a mobile phone signal. The resort does not have security guards and there are no establishments beside it but I think this place is very safe.

For those who are interested in visiting the resort, you may contact the owner, Shakila on this number: +639227645688.

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