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Exploring Surigao City: Looc and Mabua Pebble Beach

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Ever since I have been assigned back to the mine site two months ago, instead of just staying at the staff house on Sundays I try to explore places in Surigao City. Last month, I together with two workmates Salee and Jill explored the pebble beaches and water village of Surigao City. For this post, I will only talk about our trip to the pebble beach. Details of our visit to the water village to follow.

We left Nonoc Island at 7 am and got to the city proper at around quarter to eight in the morning. Jill was not able to eat breakfast at the staff house so we accompanied her at Chowking for her breakfast. After eating, we rode a tricycle to Mabua where the pebble beach is located. The tricycle driver dropped us off in front of Mt. Bagarabon Beach Hotel and Mountain Resort. At the entrance, we asked the hotel staff for the trail of Mt. Bagarabon that leads to Looc Beach. The start of the trail is marked by a sign that says 380 steps… a tourist spot.

Mt. Baragabon Hotel and Mountain Resort

Getting to Looc Beach

The stairs!!!

I have been to Mabua and Looc Beach 3 years ago and I remember how beautiful the view is at the top. So as we made our way to the top, even though the climb was a bit exhausting I was excited to get there because I know how beautiful the view is from the viewing deck. There are resting areas along the trail and when we got to the Grotto, we got to enjoy the view of the long strip of the pebble beach below and the mountain range beyond it.

Reaching the Grotto means you are already halfway to Looc Beach
The view from the grotto. This view was way more beautiful three years ago when the trees near our spot weren’t as tall as they are now.

From the grotto, we descended towards the other side. A few steps before reaching the end of the trail and we were welcomed by an even better-looking view. The view is simply breathtaking.


Looc Beach

When we got to the beach area, I was happy to find out that though there are already a few cottages and stores in the area, the place is still not crowded, the same as how it was when I first got there three years ago. For people looking for a nice beach to relax and hates crowded places, I highly recommend Looc Beach. Quiet, not crowded, crystal clear water and fantastic view.

The beach is unique as it consists of pebbles and cobbles, no sand at all. And the water was so clear I wished I brought my rash guard with me so I could take a dip in the water. On the left side, the side near Mabua Beach, there are beautiful rock formations. This spot is where we took groufies.

What to do when the water is so clear but you can’t take a dip because you didn’t bring extra clothes? Take lots of pictures 🙂

When we got tired of taking groufies (it could get tiring too you know 🙂 ), we had a little chat with Kuya Boni, the guy who owns the cottages. He asked us why we didn’t have our partners with us. We jokingly told him we were there because we were looking for our “forever”. He then started telling us stories about the foreign guests he had, how one Italian guy was cheated by a Filipina wife and so on. Then he asked for our numbers and told us he will introduce us to his foreign friends when they go back there. We enjoyed our conversation with Kuya Boni but we had another place to visit so we had to bid him goodbye.

In case you forget to bring snacks on your visit to Looc Beach, worry not because cold drinks and chips are available in Kuya’s hut
Salee and Kuya Boni

Mabua Pebble Beach

We went back to Mt. Bagarabon Hotel because it is where you ride a tricycle to go back to the city center. But before leaving, we dropped by Mabua Pebble Beach first. The stones here are bigger than those in Looc Beach. There are more cottages here too and more people. We didn’t stay long in Mabua. After taking pictures we left for our next destination, the water village of Day-asan.

This is how big the stones are in Mabua Pebble Beach
Cottages line up the beach area

How to get there:

From Manila to Surigao City: As of the moment, there are no direct flights from Manila to Surigao City. You can take a flight from Manila to Cebu then Cebu to Surigao. Alternatively, you can take a flight from Manila to Butuan. From Butuan, take a bus or van to Surigao City.

From the city proper of Surigao City, ride a tricycle to Mabua Beach. The cost of a one-way trip is Php 130.00. Tricycles can seat up to 6 persons. To get back to the city proper, just go back to the road near the hotel and ride a tricycle. Many tricycles are waiting along the road. The cost is the same.

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