RT-PCR Test in La Union: How to Book Online Appointment with ITRMC

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With the approval of uniform travel protocols across all government units by the IATF, medical certificates and travel authority are no longer required. And if required by the Local Government Unit (LGU) of the traveler’s destination to undergo COVID-19 testing, only a reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test will be honored. You can have your RT-PCR Test in La Union done at the Ilocos Training and Regional Medical Center (ITRMC). Below are all the things you need to know when having RT-PCR Test in ITRMC.

How to Book Appointment for RT-PCR Test in ITRMC Online

Booking an appointment at least one day before the test is required at ITRMC. They do not accept walk-ins. Also, you can only book your appointment between 8:00 AM and 12 noon.

  1. Book your test appointment in this ITRMC link. Remember, the link will only work between 8:00 AM and 12 noon.
  2. You will receive an e-mail confirmation after 12:01 PM onwards with the attached CoVID-19 Case Investigation Form (CIF). Print four (4) copies of the form and fill them out.

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On the Day of Your RT-PCR Test in ITRMC

  1. Be at the facility fifteen (15) minutes before 8:00 AM. When you enter ITRMC, show your printed e-mail confirmation at the Triage Area. The Triage Area is located in front of Malasakit Center. You will be given a health declaration form that you need to fill out. When you are done, proceed to the Laboratory Department.
  2. Submit your CIF at the Laboratory Department Lab Main Window 1. They will check your CIF then you will be given a charge slip.
  3. Pay at the E.R. Satellite Cashier located at Cancer Clinics and Wards. It is just across the Laboratory Department. If you see the sign that says “OPD patients do not enter”, you are in the right place. Enter the building and walk straight then turn right. There you will find the E.R. Satellite Cashier. Pay Php 3,800.00 for the RT-PCR Test.
  4. After paying, proceed to the walk-in swab collection area located at the back of the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Building. Show them your Official Receipt and wait for your turn. Swab testing is from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM only.

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Getting the Result

The result of the RT-PCR Test in ITRMC is released after 24 hours. When you fill out the CIF, you will be asked how you want to receive the test result. You have the option of receiving the result by email or you can pick it up the following day from 1:00 PM onwards.

In case you choose to receive your test result by email and you don’t receive it by 2:00 PM the following day after your test, call their hotline at (072) 607 6418. That happened to me. I was getting worried because I have read in their instructions that if you get a positive result, you won’t be notified by email. I was starting to get nervous so I decided to call. Turns out, they just haven’t sent the result to me yet.

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12 thoughts on “RT-PCR Test in La Union: How to Book Online Appointment with ITRMC”

  1. is the RT PCR the only acceptable test for La Union? Will the antigen or saliva PCR tests be accepted? We are planning to book an airbnb property in San Juan for March 27-31 but would like to know travel requirements.
    Thank you.

  2. Good morning,does the releasing of result will only takes 24hrs?! Really needed it not more than 24hrs. Thanks

  3. If i book for an appointment on a sunday, do you think somebody will be there to reply and send the papers? I’ll have my test on monday. Thanks.

      1. Kimber Bautista

        Good morning Ms. Tina, my appointment will be this friday morning. Are they allowed to give the results on saturday? Thank you

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