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La Union is Opening to Luzon Tourists Starting May 22- Here’s What You Need to Know

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The Provincial Government of La Union (PGLU) has just lifted Executive Order No. 7 Series of 2021, the EO that temporarily suspended tourism activities in the province. Starting May 22, La Union will be open to tourists from Luzon, including those who are from the NCR plus bubble. However, tourists need to comply with the tourism guidelines of the province.

Tourism Guidelines for  Non-Residents of La Union

Guidelines before traveling to La Union

Step 1: Plan your travel and arrange a tour with a DOT-Accredited La Union – Based Travel and Tour Operator.

Walk-in and Do It Yourself (DIY) tours are not allowed for non-residents of La Union. Tours and accommodation must be pre-arranged with a DOT-accredited local travel agency or tour operator. If not using a private vehicle, tourists must also pre-arrange transportation with the local travel agency or tour operator. This San Juan, La Union travel guide may help you in planning your trip to the province.

Hotel/resort staycation or workcation must also be coordinated with a DOT-accredited local travel agency or tour operator. In this set-up, the tourist shall not be allowed to leave the accommodation establishment. The tourist must coordinate with a DOT-accredited local travel agency or tour operator if he/she intends to tour around the province during the staycation/workcation.

Step 2: Register and schedule your visit at the Tara Na! VISITA (Visitor Information and Tourist Assistance) System

Tourists must register within a minimum of 5 working days before travel. Registration can be done at any time of the day and any day of the week. However, the approval of the application will be processed within 48 hours. The approval and denial of travel applications by the Tara Na! VISITA System Admin shall be every Monday to Friday from 8 AM – 5 PM only.

During registration, a government-issued ID, booking confirmation, and current photo in JPEG format must be uploaded.  A negative RT-PCR test result within 72 hours (3 days) prior to arrival is also required. As an alternative to the Nasopharyngeal Swab RT-PCR test, saliva-based RT-PCR test result issued by Philippine Red Cross is accepted.

Step 3: Generate and save and/or print your QR Coded Tourist Pass (QTP)


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Guidelines upon arrival at the La Union border checkpoint

Step 1: Proceed to the Tourism One Stop Shop (TOSS)

Present QTP and a government-issued ID for verification. Undergo the minimum clinical or health assessment supervised by medical personnel. Secure a Tourist Access Pass (TAP) when declared clear.

Step 2: Proceed to the pre-booked accommodation

Present QTP and TAP for digital check-in at the accommodation establishment (AE). Undergo temperature check, sanitation protocols, and mandated standard operating procedures. Coordinate with a local tour operator, tour guide, or the management of the AE if you wish to go out of the AE.

Step 3: Strictly follow the approved itinerary and present QTP in every tourism establishment and attraction

Tourists are not allowed to enter the establishment without QTP and TAP. They must comply with the minimum health standards at all times.

Guidelines in Case of Extended Tours

1. Coordinate with the travel agency
2. Re-register travel application in the Tara Na! VISITA System to generate updated QTP
3. Local travel agency or tour operator shall then coordinate and process the updated TAP of the tourist.
4. Secure a Health Certificate. If a tourist manifests symptoms, he or she must undergo RT-PCR Testing. Approval of the application will be processed within 48 hours after the release of the result.

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After travel, tourists must check-out at TOSS by presenting their TAP and QTP.

Tourism Guidelines for Residents of La Union

  • Residents of La Union from non-critical quarantine areas are allowed to visit tourist attractions in the province but must adhere to minimum health and safety standards.
  • Residents may pre-book directly to the accommodation establishments.

I hope you find this guide useful. Please observe the minimum health standards at all times. Observe physical distancing. Wash your hands regularly. Wear a face mask properly even though others are not doing it. Let us help stop the spread of the virus.

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