Singapore Arrival Card

How to Fill Up SG Arrival Card for Foreign Visitors

Last Updated on December 23, 2022 by Tina

One of the travel requirements to enter Singapore is to submit Singapore Arrival Card. The SG Arrival Card is the electronic version of the paper disembarkation/embarkation (DE) card that foreign visitors fill out and submit upon arrival in Singapore for immigration clearance. It comes with a health declaration function as part of the border control measures in response to the COVID-19 of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

Filling out the SG Arrival Card is very easy and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Submission is free of charge.

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What Do You Need When You Fill Out and Submit SG Arrival Card?

In the Singapore Arrival Card, you need to fill in your personal information, passport details, contact information, travel information, and the details of your accommodation in Singapore. Take note that the SG Arrival Card is not a visa.

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When Can You Submit SG Arrival Card?

You can submit your SG Arrival Card within three (3) days prior to the date of your arrival in Singapore. You can submit it via the official SG Arrival Card E-service website. Alternatively, you can download the official “SG Arrival Card” mobile application from either the  App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) and submit it from there.

How to Fill Up Singapore Arrival Card for Foreign Visitors

Here’s the step by step process for filling up the Singapore Arrival Card:

SG Arrival Card

  • Next, select Individual Submission if you are submitting for yourself only, or Group Submission if you are submitting on behalf of a group. When I traveled to Singapore two weeks ago, I traveled with my mom. I submitted for both of us so I choose Group Submission.
  • Next, you need to fill in your personal information: full name, passport number, date of birth, and citizenship. For the full name, I typed in the format first name, middle name then family name. Click Confirm when you finish.
  • Next, fill in your additional information: sex, date of passport expiry, place of residence, country of birth, email address, and mobile number. Then click Continue.
  • Next will be the trip information. Fill in the date of your arrival in Singapore and your mode of travel if it is by air, land, or sea. Then click Confirm.
  • On the following page, you need to select whether your mode of travel is commercial or private. If you select commercial, you also need to select the flight code (airline) as well as the flight number. For your accommodation, select whether you are staying in a hotel, residential, or others. If you select hotel, you will need to select in the dropdown the name of the hotel where you will be staying at. If the name of the hotel you are staying at is not in the dropdown, look for Others in the dropdown, then manually type the name of the hotel. (See screenshot below). If it’s residential, you need to fill in the address. Select Others if you are going to Singapore on transit or a day trip. You also need to select the last city/port of embarkation before Singapore as well as the next city/port of disembarkation after Singapore. If your next city is the same as your port of embarkation before Singapore, simply tick on the box that says Same as Last City. Next, fill in the date of your departure from Singapore.

Type of Accommodation SG Arrival Card


  • In the Others section, you are asked if you ever used a passport under a different name to enter Singapore.
  • Next is the Health Declaration section. Here you are asked about your travel history and if you are experiencing any symptoms in the last 7 days. Click on Preview when you finish.
  • A summary of your answers can be found on the next page. If there is information that you need to change, click on the Edit button on the bottom part of the page. If everything is okay, read the declaration then tick on the box I have read and agreed to the declaration on the bottom part. Then click Submit.

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The Individual Submission and Group Submission are almost the same. The difference is that in the group submission you first fill in the information of the lead traveler, then click on the Add Traveler button after the Health Declaration of the lead traveler, and do the same.

Upon submission of the SG Arrival Card, you will receive an acknowledgment message on the next page. You can either print it or download the message and save it as a PDF on your phone. An acknowledgment message will also be sent to your email. You are going to show the acknowledgment message at the immigration in Singapore. It’s okay if you can’t print the acknowledgment message. Just show the soft copy at the immigration.

If you have other questions about filling out the Singapore Arrival Card, feel free to write them down in the comments section below. You can also send your questions to my email or my social media accounts.

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60 thoughts on “How to Fill Up SG Arrival Card for Foreign Visitors”

    1. If you can’t find the hotel name, select Others in the Type of Accommodation in Singapore and then key in the hotel name manually.

      1. Hi Tina, when I choose Others, there are only two choices from the dropdown options – Day Trip and Transit. When I manually type the hotel name, it doesn’t accept. Whatever I type will be deleted when I click somewhere.

        1. Hi. First you need to select HOTEL in the type of accommodation. Then in the Name of Hotel, look for others in the drop down. Then type the name of the hotel

  1. Hi. Thanks for all your explanations. Two questions:
    1. What about SG Arrival Card completion if you have no mobile phone? I can only have a Skype number on a Lenovo tablet. Will it be accepted by the fields on the web page?
    2. If the SG Arrival Card completion does’t work without a mobile phone, will I get transit or one day entrance refusal by not showing that card? In this case, good by Singapore and good by $ of my flight ticket!

    1. Hi,

      You can complete the SG Arrival Card registration on your tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Not sure about the Skype number, but you could try so you’ll find out if it will work.

  2. Hi what if I am travelling in connecting flight from Delhi( India) > Kuala lumpur > Singapore. Which city and flight detail would I put up for Last city/port of embarkation before Singapore

  3. i m travelling to singapore from Mumbai-singapore -mumbai

    what is my Port of Embarkation Before Singapore and Next City / Port of Disembarkation After Singapore

  4. I select the “Other” on Type of Accommodation in Singapore to fill up my hostel name but i can’t find where to key in the hotel name manually?

    1. Hello!

      Same problem here, our hotel is not in the “Hotel” list and if I choose “Others” I can only choose “Day Trip” or “Transit”, no way to key in an address?

      How to correctly fill this out?


        1. Hi Tina, thanks for this. I think most of us are looking on the “OTHERS” from the Accommodation options, not from the HOTEL section itself. Saved my day. 🙂

  5. Hi! My arrival card has remarks to produce a covid pre-departure test for non-fully vaccinated even if I already included a validated QR code in my submission. Is this standard for all arrival cards?

    1. No. I didn’t get that when I applied for my arrival card. What’s your vaccine? Check their website because there are vaccine brands that Singapore doesn’t accept.

  6. Hi, for the nationality/citizen ship part I put Brazilian since i’m from Brazil but I am using America passport since my brazil passport is expired. Is that still ok? because that part got me a little bit confused.

  7. Hi,

    What is meant by uploading the “QR code” from the vaccination certificate… can you share a sample?. IS it necessary to do RTPCR test when fully vaccinated? My son is 9 years old should he have a RTPCR?

    1. When you apply for an Sg arrival card, there is a part where you need to upload a soft copy of your vaccination card. RT-Pcr test is not required if fully vaccinated

      1. Thank you for the reply and clarification. One more query!!!

        What about kids below age of 12, we need rtpcr report to be uploaded or can we show printout during immigration?

        Also, instead of uploading soft copy of vaccine can we have printout and show at immigration?

        1. About the qr code, you need to upload it so that you’ll get an SG arrival card. You need to apply for that as early as 3 days before your arrival to Singapore. 😊

  8. Is it okay, if your date of departure and next city of embarkation is not the same with the previously filled-up SG Arrival Card, like you decide to extend for 1 day and travel to other city.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi. I am not sure but maybe yes as long as you leave before the date that you are allowed to stay in Singapore. When you get the SG Arrival Card, you will see there until what date you are allowed to stay in Singapore.

  9. If I have a connecting flight (LAG-DOH-SIN) to Singapore, what flight number should I input in filling the SG Arrival Card?

  10. Hi there! What should we fill up for vehicle number if we will be taking bus to Singapore from Malaysia and usually bus plates are not known till we board? Thanks in advance!

  11. Hi, i opted for the group submissiòn since I travelling with my husband and daughter. I was able to successfully submit and got the confirmation letter via emaiĺ. However upon review I.noticed that one letter of my surname is missing instead of asuncion it was asuncio. How can I correct the error? Should I need to file a new one still for group submission? What will happen to my previous confirmation? Thanks

    1. File a new one just for you. According to their FAQS, “you are not required to cancel or delete your declarations. If there is any change to your earlier submitted SG Arrival Card, you will need to resubmit a new SG Arrival Card with the updated information. The earlier submission will be superseded by the new declaration.” Hope this helps.

  12. Hi, when I fill the card at their website, My arrival card has remarks to produce a covid pre-departure test for non-fully vaccinated even if I already included a validated QR code in my submission and even i update my data it still like that.
    Because of that, I fill again in their application, then the remarks change to PRODUCE COVID-19 VACCINATION CERTIFICATE FOR CHECKS.
    is it okay that now I have 2 declaration cards? and which one should I use? I’m fully vaccinated btw.
    Thank you

    1. Hi,

      It’s ok to have 2 SG Arrival Card. Use the most recent one. The earlier submission will be superseded by the new declaration. Regarding your vaccination certificate, did you upload the QR Code only? Coz that is what’s needed, you don’t have to upload the whole Vaccination Cert.

  13. I would be landing in Singapore and soon after immigration, I would be going to Malaysia for a quick 2 day trip, come back to Singapore and then go to Bali the same day. In this case, what am I supposed to fill for

    Next City / Port of Disembarkation After Singapore
    Do I need to fill SGA form when I return from Malaysia and Bali too?

    1. If you are passing through immigration before going to Malaysia, then your next city is Malaysia. When you go back to Singapore, if it’s just a connecting flight to Bali and you are not passing through the immigration, you don’t need to fill out SGA form

  14. Thanks for the information

    I’m departing Canada November 9th and arrive on the 11th. So when do I submit my SG arrival card as my journey would have started 3 day prior.

    Can I submit just before I check in for my flight on the 9th.

    Or fill the form on the 8th my date but when it’s the 9th in Singapore with the time difference.

  15. Hi,
    I bought tickets for Singapore and a few days after decided to go to Malaysia on the same day as I arrived in Singapore. I will be spending 3 days in Malaysia and than flying back to Singapore for the duration of my stay. Do I need to do 2 SG arrival cards?

    1. If you are passing through immigration before going to Malaysia, yes you need 2 SG arrival cards. One on your first arrival to Singapore and another for when you go back to Singapore.

  16. i arrive singapore on 23oct 2022, and my sg arrival card state im departing singapore on 29oct 2022. however i need to extend my stay in singapore till 31oct 2022. what should i do in term of the sg arrival card? do i need to revise it? pls help. thank you

    1. I’m not sure but I think there is no need as long as you don’t overstay (check the SG Arrival Card issued to you until what date you are allowed to stay in Singapore)

  17. Thank you Tina. the immigration officer changi singapore give me 14days stay when i arrive in singapore on 23oct 2022. so im allowed till 05nov 2022.

    1. Sorry but I have no idea. I didn’t know there were color codes for Sg Arrival card. I just applied for one earlier and didnt read about the color coding.

  18. Hi, if I am travelling from Korea > Vietnam > Singapore , it is not a direct flight so what do I put for port of embarkation?

  19. We are leaving Singapore on a cruise. Our first stop is Semarang, Indonesia. When the cruise ends we disembark in Auckland, NZ. What should we put as our port of disembarkation?

  20. Hi, it said “scan passport” and the name appeared as last name first name, so i only type the middle name. Is it okay that the last name is the first one since it is from the scanning?

    And I do not have the qr code certificate since there is system maintenance, the city government provided a certificate with dry seal so I tick the option that I do not have qr code. Any follow up questions that the immigration may ask me?

  21. Hi, just want to confirm. I made the SG Arrival Card a while ago and showed this to my Aunt. He advised that we should put the Last Name, First Name, and Middle Name (Showed in Passport). However, what I did is same as your. First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name. May I ask, is this okay or do I need to create a new one? Thank you.

    1. That should be okay. I never had issues with mine. I was just there last month. My name on the arrival card was First Name, Middle Name, Last Name.

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