Exploring Surigao City: Danawan Island

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Danawan Island was the third stop on our island hopping activity last month. It is an island barangay of Surigao City 45 minutes away by boat from the city proper. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes boat ride from Sumilom Island to get to this fishing village. Prior to our visit to this island, I have no idea how the place looks like. But I have read in the Surigao City Tourism brochure that the island is a fishing village blessed with varied shapes and sizes of marine life and it is where one could see fresh seafood catch on the beach. And because my office mates Sam and CJ love fishing so much, we were really very excited to see the island. It is also the reason why we didn’t stay too long in Sumilom Island.

Just like what we have done with the first two islands that we visited, we went around the island first to check the best spot. We didn’t see any cottages and we didn’t bring money for that anyway so we just looked for a spot away from the residential area.

The residential side of the island

Just as we were preparing our lunch on the beach, it started to rain. We had no choice but to go back to the boat and had our lunch there. After eating, the rain stopped too. 

We were supposed to eat lunch on the beach, but it rained.
The rain didn’t stop us from having lunch because we were already hungry ?

After lunch, we wanted to go swim again while the two boys fish but the spot where we docked had lots of seagrasses so we decided to look for another spot. We found a better area, but only the boys, Roda and I went down. The boys went fishing while Roda and I laid down the beach mat on the sand and put on sunblock before hitting the water.  While waiting for 15 minutes for the sunblock to set, something happened that we had to go back to the boat but I’m not going to share it here anymore. Rest assured, the island is very safe.

CJ and his catch

How To Get There:

From Manila to Surigao City: As of the moment, there are no direct flights from Manila to Surigao City. You can take a flight from Manila to Cebu then Cebu to Surigao. Alternatively, you can take a flight from Manila to Butuan and from Butuan, take a bus or van to Surigao City.

From Surigao City to Danawan Island: Take a tricycle to Punta Bilang-bilang or Boulevard and from there you can hire a motorized boat that will take you to the island. Or you can contact our boatman Kuya Jimmy at 09071178718. You can also arrange an island hopping tour with him.

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