entry requirements to the Philippines

Entry Requirements to the Philippines and How to Register in the eTravel Platform

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Although the Philippines has eased its entry requirements, travelers to the Philippines are still required to comply with some conditions. Pre-departure tests are no longer required for fully vaccinated Filipino and foreign travelers. Also, the One Health Pass was recently replaced with a new eTravel platform. Aside from the applicable visa requirements, as of this writing, the following are the entry requirements to the Philippines (per Inter-Agency Task Force Resolution (IATF) Resolution No. 2).

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Travel Requirements to the Philippines

Travel Requirements for Fully Vaccinated Filipino and Foreign Travelers

Fully vaccinated inbound Filipino and foreign travelers are no longer required pre-departure testing. Filipino and foreign nationals are considered fully vaccinated only if he/she has received the second dose in a 2-dose series or single dose COVID-19 vaccine more than 14 days prior to the date of time of departure from the country of origin or port of embarkation. He/she must carry and present any of the following proof of vaccination:

  1. World Health Organization International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis;
  2. VaxCertPH;
  3. National or state manual/digital vaccination certificate of the country/foreign government;
  4. Other proof of vaccination that the IATF permits.

Travel Requirements for Unvaccinated or Partially Vaccinated Filipino and Foreign Travelers

  1. Filipinos and foreign nationals 15 years or older must present a remotely supervised or laboratory-based rapid antigen negative test administered and certified by a healthcare professional in a healthcare facility, laboratory, clinic, pharmacy, or other similar establishment taken within 24 hours, prior to the date and time of departure from the country of origin/first port of embarkation in a continuous journey to the Philippines, excluding layovers; provided that traveler has not left the airport premises or has not been admitted into another country during such lay-over.
  2. Travelers 15 years or older who fail to present negative pre-departure test results shall be required to undergo a laboratory-based rapid antigen test administered and certified by a healthcare professional in a healthcare facility, laboratory, clinic, pharmacy, or other similar establishment taken upon arrival at the airport.
  3. Accompanied minors below 15 years of age who are not vaccinated for any reason shall follow the quarantine protocols of their parant/s or an accompanying adult/guardian traveling with them.
  4. Unaccompanied minors below 15 years of age who are not vaccinated for any reason shall follow the protocols set forth in (1) and (2) above.

Must have a valid passport

Like when traveling to other countries, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months at the time of their arrival to the Philippines.

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Must have valid tickets for their return journey

The Philippines is one of the few countries that require proof of onward travel. Temporary visitors to the Philippines must have valid tickets for their return journey to the port of origin or the next port of destination corresponding to their permitted/allowable duration of stay under a valid visa or visa-free entry, as the case may be. If you are unsure yet of how long you will stay in the Philippines, you can read my post on how to provide proof of onward travel.

Travel insurance is no longer required when visiting the Philippines, but it is highly encouraged especially because Covid is not yet completely gone. SafetyWing is an affordable travel insurance that covers COVID-19 and you can purchase one even if you have started with your travel already.

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How to Register on the eTravel Platform

One of the things they check when you are checking in for your flight to the Philippines is your QR code from the eTravel platform. The eTravel platform replaced the One Health Pass. It serves as an online Health Declaration and Contact Tracing platform with the aim of promoting the convenient and seamless movement of travelers. All Foreign/Filipino Travelers (including infants and children) should register individually to the eTravel before their flight into the Philippines. The eTravel registration is free of charge and does not require any form of online payment.

When should you register on the eTravel platform?

You may only register within 3 days (or 72 hours) prior to your arrival in the Philippines.

The step-by-step process for registering on the eTravel platform:

  • Go to go to https://etravel.gov.ph/. Select whether you are a Philippine Passport Holder or Foreign Passport Holder.
  • Next, select your transportation type if it’s AIR or SEA.
  • Next fill in your date of arrival to the Philippines. Enter and reenter your email address.
  • Read the Data Privacy and Affidavit of Undertaking and tick on the box if you agree, then click on Continue.
  • Next, you need to enter your personal information as they appear in your passport or travel document. Click on Next.
  • Next, you need to enter your permanent residence address. Click on Next.
  • Enter your travel details. You need to enter your date of arrival, country of origin, the purpose of travel, flight number, name of the airline, and airport of arrival if you are traveling by air. You also need to select what type of traveler you are. Click on Next.
  • Next is the health declaration. You need to enter your vaccination details and the countries you were in in the last 30 days. There are also two questions you need to answer: if you had a history of exposure to Covid 14 days before the onset of signs and symptoms and if you had been sick in the past 30 days. Then click on next.
  • You will then be taken to the summary. Make sure that all the information you entered is correct. If there are no more corrections, click on submit.
  • You will then be given your personal QR code. Make sure you take a screenshot or download it before closing or exiting the eTravel website. You will be asked for this QR code when you check in for your flight. You also need to present this for verification at the BOQ station in the airport upon your arrival in the Philippines.

What’s the difference between the green and red QR codes?

If you received a green QR code, you are qualified in the express lane. Your QR code will be scanned and tagged for your arrival date and time. There is no need for submission of any documents and there may be no further interview.

If you received a red QR code, it means you have missing requirements and you will be interviewed upon arrival at the airport by a BOQ personnel to manually verify and determine if you will be required to undergo facility-based quarantine and RT-PCR Testing.

For more information about the eTravel platform, check out the FAQs section of the website.

If you have other questions about registration in the eTravel platform, feel free to write them down in the comments section below. You can also send your questions to my email or my social media accounts. Check out my other posts to read about places to visit in the Philippines.

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  1. The Philippine etravel website will not allow me to enter my travel date as 01/01/2023.  It will only accept dates up to 12/31/2022.  Any ideas to fix?  Thanks.

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