Philippine passport renewal

Philippine Passport Renewal: A Complete Guide

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Is your Philippine passport expiring soon? Mine is expiring in six months. With the worldwide situation right now, I know it will probably take some time before I could travel out of the country again. But I still renewed my passport two weeks ago, because we never know what might happen in the coming days. I’d rather be prepared. Most countries deny you entry if your passport is not valid for at least six months.

Renewing your Philippine passport right now is super easy. Read on for the step-by-step process of Philippine passport renewal.

Philippine Passport Renewal Requirements

Below are the requirements when renewing your Philippine passport. In case of a lost passport, it will be treated as a new application. You can check the DFA Website for the requirements for a new passport application.

  1. Confirmed Online Appointment.
  2. Accomplished Application Form
  3. Personal appearance
  4. Current ePassport with a photocopy of the data page
  5. In case there are changes to your name, you will also need original PSA authenticated documents that will support the change of name.
    • Marriage Contract
    • Annotated Birth Certificate
    • Annotated Marriage Contract to show annulment/divorce/court-ordered instruction
    • Death Certificate of Spouse

No need to bring your birth certificate if there are no changes in your name.

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Philippine Passport Renewal Step-by-Step Process

Set an Appointment  Online for Your Passport Renewal

To set an appointment online for your passport renewal, go to Provide complete and accurate information in the online form. Below is a guide on how to fill out the online form.

Passport Application Online Form
Click on the tiny box beside the paragraph with red font and click on Start Individual Appointment
Philippine passport renewal online form
Select the site where you want to set an appointment
Philippine passport renewal online form
Select the date and time.
Philippine passport renewal online form
Fill in your personal information
Philippine passport renewal online form
Input your family information
Input the information from your old passport
Philippine passport renewal online form
Fill in your contact information
Review your information. Make sure that the spelling of your name, date of birth, place of birth are all correct.
Philippine passport renewal online form
Click on the tiny box beside the paragraph with the red font to confirm that the information in your application form is correct. Click confirm.

After reviewing your information and confirming that all information is correct, the next step is to choose a payment method. But before that, you probably want to know how much does it cost to renew a passport.

How Much Does it Cost to Renew a Passport?

Renewal of passport costs Php 950.00. You will also be charged a convenience fee of Php 50.00. And you have the option of having your new passport delivered to you through a courier. If you choose that option, you will pay an additional fee of Php 150.00.

Choose a Payment Method

 You can pay over the counter or by using a debit or credit card.

If you choose a credit/debit card, you will be directed to this page.

If you choose over the counter, you will receive an email from the DFA Passport Appointment System with the reference number and the payment instruction.

Payment instruction
This is how the payment instruction looks like. It’s got all the information you need to pay for your passport renewal fee.

You can pay at Bayad Center Branches and Authorized Partners (Robinsons Malls & Supermarkets, LBC, eBiz, Perahub, USSC, TrueMoney, Villarica, etc.), or through 7-11 and ECPay outlets. You may also pay via the Bayad Center App and Gcash. For the complete list of payment centers, go to this link.

Paying With Gcash

Gcash is a very convenient way of paying for the renewal of your passport. I paid using Gcash and I’m going to share with you how it is done. If you don’t have Gcash yet, you can sign up using this Gcash link. You can sign up even if you’re not a Globe subscriber.

To pay using Gcash, open the application and select Pay Bills. Then select Government, then DFA.


Type in the 10 Digit Reference Number. You can see that in the email sent to you. You also need to input your mobile number, the amount you’re going to pay, and your email address. Next, you need to confirm your payment. After that, you will receive payment confirmation in the app. You will also receive an email confirmation of your payment.

Your appointment will be confirmed once paid. You will receive a confirmation email once your payment process is confirmed. Be sure to pay the exact amount because excess payment will be forfeited. Payments less than the total amount indicated will not be processed. If you made a short payment by mistake, contact the DFA helpdesk immediately at (02) 234 3488. Do not try to correct it by making another bills payment with the same reference number.

Print Out Accomplished Application Form

When you receive the confirmation notification for your passport renewal appointment, download your application form and print it in an A4-size paper. You need to bring the printed application form and the other necessary support documents on the date of your appointment.

Go to Your Passport Renewal Appointment

On the day of your passport renewal appointment, it is encouraged that you arrive there not earlier than 30 minutes prior to your appointment schedule to avoid long waits especially now that the pandemic is not yet over.

It is not advised to bring accompanying persons during your appointment unless you are a minor, senior citizen, a person with a disability, or something else that may require a companion as determined by the consular office. Accompanying persons may be refused entry if they have no business to conduct inside the premises.

Steps at the Consular Office – Data Capturing Site in DFA La Union

Since I live in La Union, I set my appointment at DFA Regional Consular Office – La Union located on the second floor of Manna Mall. When I arrived there, I went directly to one of the security guards to inquire about where to go for my appointment. This is the process that I went through.

  1. They asked me to sign at the logbook then told me to go to the verification section.
  2. At the verification section, I was asked for my duly accomplished application form, a valid ID, and my e-receipt. Then the verifier stamped on my form. Make sure your application form is stamped by the verifier before moving to the next step.
  3. You will then be given a queue number to the processor counter. Wait until your number is called. The waiting time is not that long. By the way, you are not allowed to use your mobile phone inside the consular office.
  4. When your number is called, present your verified application form and requirements to the processor.
  5. Proceed to the data capturing/encoding section. The security guards inside the office will guide you where to go next.
  6. In the data capturing/encoding section, you will be asked to check that all information entered is correct, then you will be asked to sign on the electronic confirmation page.
  7. Next, they will take your photo. You will be asked to remove your earrings and necklace, so better remove them while waiting for your turn at the capturing/encoding section. And then it’s done.

I didn’t avail of the optional courier service. So after completing the capturing/encoding process, I was told that they will just text me when my passport is ready for pick-up.

Other Things You Need to Know Related to Passport Renewal

  1. If you wish to reschedule your appointment, you must send a request for a new appointment date no later than 3 days prior to the original appointment date. Also, the rescheduled date must not be longer than 30 days from the original appointment. You can reschedule your appointment at this link. Email the consular office where you made the appointment if the link does not redirect you to the rescheduling page.
  2. All fees are non-refundable and canceled appointments may no longer be restored by the system.
  3. Fees shall be forfeited when you fail to show up for your appointment, you canceled the appointment without setting an alternative appointment, your application was rejected due to inconsistent and/or incorrect details indicated on your passport application form and in the supporting documents presented, or if you present fake documentary requirements.
  4. It took me less than 30 minutes to finish all the steps at the DFA Data Capturing Site.
  5. The Philippine passport now has 10 years of validity.

Claim Your New Passport

Your passport will be ready in two weeks. I got my passport exactly two weeks after my appointment at the Consular Office.

When claiming your new passport, you need to bring your old passport and your copy of the electronic receipt. There is a specified time when you can claim your passport. Mine was between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM.

Electronic receipt
You need to bring this when picking up your new passport

Claiming your passport is very easy too. First, give your electronic receipt to the guard and sign in the logbook. Wait for your turn to be called inside. You will then be ushered to the releasing section. Wait for your name to be called. When they give you your new passport, you will be asked to check that the information in your passport is correct. If everything’s good, you will be asked to sign in to their logbook as proof that you have claimed your new passport. Then they will ask for your old passport, punch a hole in the front and back cover, and return it to you. And then it’s done, you have your new passport!

I hope you find this post useful. Feel free to leave a message below for any inquiries or suggestions.

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