Things to Do in Phuket for Solo Travelers

9 Things To Do In Phuket For Solo Travelers

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Located in Southern Thailand, Phuket is the largest island in the country. It sits on the Andaman Sea and being a big island, it is surrounded by many awesome beaches. Phuket is a famous tourist destination and is great for all types of travelers. It is safe even for solo female travelers, the locals are very friendly, and there are many options for accommodations depending on your budget. There are plenty of things to do in Phuket for solo travelers, and local tour operators arrange numerous group activities like day trips to neighboring islands so you can visit these amazing spots without spending a fortune even if you are traveling alone

I asked fellow travelers for recommendations on things to do in Phuket for solo travelers and they have come up with fantastic ones. Let’s get into it.

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Things to Do in Phuket for Solo Travelers

1. Simon’s Cabaret Show

Contributed by Alex and Leah from Alex and Leah on Tour

Simon's Cabaret Show
Pic credit: Alex and Leah from Alex and Leah on Tour

Simon’s Cabaret Show is easily one of Phuket’s hidden gems and is perfect for solo travelers. You’ll be able to sit back, relax and watch the very impressive performers sing and dance. I can assure you, even if you think it’s not your kind of thing, it’s absolutely worth visiting and you’ll have your mind changed very quickly!

Despite being located on the outskirts of Patong, Simon’s Cabaret is also easily accessible. You can either choose to take a 30-minute walk or a 5-minute Grab from Patong that costs roughly THB 100. Once you get there, you’ll be helped out by staff and offered a seat by the bar. Unfortunately, they do not allow drinks in the theatre so it’s recommended to get here in good time so you can enjoy a drink and the introductory performances. This is the time when everyone watching the show mingles with other people and it can be the perfect opportunity to make new friends.

The tickets themselves can be bought online. You can choose to opt for the VIP seats on the ground level at 1,000 baht but you get just as good of a view from the regular seats on the balcony for THB 800.

Overall, Simon’s Cabaret Show is absolutely ideal for solo travelers and a great place to visit for some relaxation but also some great enjoyment!

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2. Trip from Phuket to Railay Beach

Recommended by Martina from PlacesofJuma

Railay Beach
Pic credit: Martina from Places of Juma

A really nice experience for solo travelers is a trip from Phuket to the beautiful Railay Beach. This dream beach is located in the Krabi region and can be reached by speedboat day tour from Phuket. Really impressive are the high limestone rocks, which conjure up a unique postcard scenery.

Even the approach to the crescent-shaped bay with powder-sugar fine white sand, emerald-green tropical sea, and impressive rock formations bring many a visitor to marvel.

Surrounded by dense jungle and high cliffs, this tropical bay is only accessible by boat. Although Railay Beach is actually part of the mainland, there is no road leading there, so you get a real island feeling even during the boat ride.

An excursion from Phuket to Railay Beach can be booked locally or you can take the speedboat ferry to Krabi. On a guided tour you often have the possibility to visit other beautiful islands, such as Koh Hong or the famous James Bond Rock.

3. Visit the Best Beaches in Phuket

Recommended by Jolene from Wanderlust Storytellers

best beaches in Phuket
Pic credit: Jolene from Wanderlust Storytellers

If you are traveling to Phuket, visiting the beach is definitely a must but which beaches are best that Phuket has on offer for solo travelers?

Paradise Beach is a beautiful beach that is a must for those who love music, cocktails, and the ability to meet people easily. To get to the actual beach, once you reach the car park, hop on one of the free shuttles that zoom you down to the beach.

Plan to stay at the beach for the day as there is an entrance fee of THB 200. Choose from many water sports including kayaking or paddle boarding. If you love snorkeling, Paradise Beach happens to be a super spot with amazing visibility so make sure to take an underwater camera or you can even hire one!

Kata Noi Beach is perfect for those who love sun loungers, umbrellas, and beach massages. You can grab beach chairs and umbrellas (THB 200 each) from one of the vendors or even have an unforgettable hour-long beach massage.

If you are looking for a more secluded beach to get away from the crowds, head to Freedom Beach. It has white sand and crystal-clear water that is perfect for a dip and snorkeling! The beach is a small alcove at the bottom of the hill just a few minutes from Patong Beach. Venture down the many stairs or pay for a fairly pricey longtail boat ride (approximately THB 750 baht one way) to reach Freedom Beach.

Love going to the beach? You can find other suggestions of which beaches to visit in Phuket here.

4. Thrilling Phang Nga Day Tour

Recommended by Sam from Sam Lee Travel

Phang Nga Day Tour
Photo credit: Sam from Sam Lee Travel

Phuket is more than just a place for partying, drinking, and island-hopping. 

You can experience the rather rustic side of Phuket by signing up for adrenaline-rushing activities like white water rafting, ATV riding, ziplining, and more. 

If this excites you, then you should not miss this thrilling Phang Nga day tour

Tip: This day tour is inclusive of roundtrip hotel transportation and a simple lunch, so budget solo travelers will have two hassles less to plan, spend money on, and worry about. 

The first stop of this day’s tour is Wat Suwan Kuha. Over here, travelers can admire the beauty of the spectacular 15-meter reclining Buddha statue inside the massive cave. 

Next, travelers will get to enjoy the exhilarating water-rafting experience down the rapid waters of Khao Lak River for a distance of 5 km. 

The tour operators take their participants’ safety seriously, so activity briefing and safety precautions will be explained before this adventure commences.

End the day with a bang by riding the ATV through the jungle of Phuket!

Feel the thrill by navigating the rugged terrain while admiring the surrounding natural splendour. 

Tip: If you have trouble controlling the ATV, fret not—a professional rider will be assigned to give you a ride so that you can sit back and enjoy the relaxing view.      

5. Day Tour From Phuket to Phi Phi Islands (Koh Phi Phi)

Recommended by Merry Allison from Virginia Vacation Guide

Phi Phi Island
Photo credit: Merry Allison from Virginia Vacation Guide

The Phi Phi Islands (Koh Phi Phi) are a great destination for solo travelers in Phuket. The islands are located 45 kilometers from Phuket in the Andaman Sea. They can be reached by boat from either Phuket or from Krabi. It takes about two hours to reach the islands from Phuket.

You can either visit Koh Phi Phi as part of a day tour from Phuket or stay on the islands for several days. There are plenty of activities and gorgeous sites to visit there.

The destination is great for solo travelers because you can choose a wide range of solo activities, such as lounging on the beach, snorkeling, kayaking, or hiking. There are also plenty of opportunities to meet new people from all over the world amidst the hotels, hostels, and beach bars.

Some of the most popular activities in Koh Phi Phi include snorkeling in the clear aqua waters of Hat Yao to swim alongside colorful tropical fish and coral, and kayaking to explore some of the beautiful caves and cliffs of the islands, and hiking to Ao Lo Dalam.

6. Day Tour from Phuket to James Bond Island

Recommended by Sarah from A Social Nomad
James Bond Island
Photo credit: Sarah from A Social Nomad

Phang Nga Bay in Thailand is a glorious bay studded with beautiful limestone karsts. These often tiny islands rise splendidly out of the blue waters, with small white sand beaches beneath them. This unique scenery makes for stunning places to visit, some of which are more famous than others.

Khao Phing Kan is one of the more famous. Due to its starring role in the 1974 James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”, the islet is known as James  Bond Island and it’s a fabulous place to visit from Phuket. It is difficult to get there independently because the combination of buses and boats that you need to take doesn’t work out schedule-wise, which makes it a great place to visit as a solo traveler. After all, virtually everyone who visits is taking a tour, meaning that there are plenty available!

The specific karst, Ko Ta Pu, that is James Bond Island is located about 40 meters from Khao Phing Kan, within the Ao Phang Nga National Park which is an easy day trip from Phuket.

You can reach James Bond Island by speedboat, or more usually by traditional longtail boat.  All visitors need to pay a national park fee, which is THB 300 for adults and  THB 100 for children, but if you take a tour this is usually included in your tour cost.

You’ll get to spend time on Khao Phing Kan too, where there are refreshments and snack shacks, but as everything is brought in by boat they tend to be expensive, so it’s recommended to bring your own water at least.  Some boats have sunshades but don’t forget your sunscreen, hats, and sunnies, the sun is super strong here.

7. Visit Wat Chalong Temple

Wat Chalong Temple

Wat Chalong Temple is the biggest and most famous temple in Phuket. It houses the statue of Luang Po Cham, a highly revered monk. He led the people of Phuket to fight against the influx to Phuket of Chinese immigrants for tin mining.

You’ll see impressive architecture in this temple complex, which has beautiful gardens. It is a good place to take a break from all the island hopping tours.

Visitors are required to remove their footwear before entering a temple. Also, they must wear clothes that cover the shoulders and knees.

To get here, you can take a cab (I found Bolt to be cheaper than Grab), or you can join one of the half-day city tours offered by local tour operators.

8. Have a Floating Boat Photo at Ma Doo Bua Cafe

Floating boat photo at Ma Doo Bua Cafe

An activity that is popular with tourists visiting Phuket is having a floating boat photo at Ma Doo Bua Cafe. The cafe is built over a pond filled with hundreds of floating lotus. This activity is perfect for solo travelers because you can have your photo taken even if you don’t have a companion. You only pay THB 500 to have your photos on a Thai-style boat surrounded by Victoria Lilies taken by a drone camera.

Ma Doo Bua Cafe is located in Thalang, Phuket, an hour’s drive from Patong. You can get here by taking Grab/Bolt or Phuket Smart Bus. From Kata, it will cost you around THB 370 with Bolt. With the Phuket Smart Bus, it will only cost you THB 100.

9. Visit the Big Buddha

Phuket Big Buddha

Sitting on top of Nakkerd Hill, the Big Buddha is a prominent landmark of the island. It is made of white marble and is 45 meters tall. From the top of the hill, not only do you get up close to the Big Buddha, but you also get a stunning panoramic view of the island.

There is no entry fee to visit the Big Buddha. Just like Wat Chalong, you can get here by taking Grab/Bolt, or you can join one of the half-day city tours offered by local tour operators.

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