Where to Stay in Baguio: City Center Hotel

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Are you planning on a weekend getaway to the Summer Capital of the Philippines? Wondering where to stay in Baguio? I highly recommend City Center Hotel. It is located in the heart of the city, a relatively cheap hotel near Burnham Park. It has comfortable rooms and is newer than most hotels in Baguio.

Last Sunday, I stayed overnight in Baguio with my brother. When we were looking for a place to stay the days prior to our trip, we were surprised to find out how expensive the hotels, transient houses, and even hostels in Baguio are right now. We were comparing the prices to the hotels in Vietnam and Taiwan and we can’t believe what we were seeing.

Aside from the price, another factor we were considering when choosing a hotel is how old it is. I used to have an apartment in Baguio from 2007 to around 2016 or 2017 and some of the hotels have been there during that time already so you can just imagine how old they are now.

Since City Center Hotel is newer compared to most hotels in Baguio, and it has a perfect location, we decided to book there.

It was my first time staying in City Center Hotel, and while there were some minor things during our stay, overall I still recommend it. Read this review of the City Center Hotel so you can decide if you’re going to book with them too.

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Where to Stay in Baguio: City Center Hotel Review

City Center Hotel Location

City Center Hotel is centrally located. It is along Session Road. The hotel is near banks, malls, the public market and night market, jeepney terminals, and restaurants. It is also near Burnham Park and the Baguio Cathedral.

If you’re staying in Baguio for a short time, I recommend staying in the center of the city. Why? Because Baguio is like Manila now. Maybe the traffic is not as bad as in Manila, but it is still bad. Also, it takes a long time to get a taxi. If you’re staying in the center of the city, somewhere near Burnham Park, or along Session Road, like City Center Hotel, you can just walk if you need to go to the public market, the night market, or eat in one of the restaurants along Session Road.

Aside from that, if you have a hard time hailing a cab, the best alternative would be to ride a jeepney. The jeepney terminal for most routes around Baguio are located near Burnham Park or in Baguio Center Mall, which is also a walking distance from Session Road or Burnham Park.

This is the view from my room

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City Center Hotel Room

We stayed in a Deluxe Room. The room is good for three people. The room is clean and while it is not very big, it is not small too. You still have enough space to move around the room.

It has 2 beds, one is a single bed and the other one is a double (full) bed. The bed and pillows are soft. Some hotels in Baguio don’t have air conditioners anymore because of the cool climate of the city, but City Center has aircon. The room has a flat-screen TV, a table, and a chair. It also has a safety deposit box. The room has a landline phone that you can use to call within the city.

They provide one keycard only, and you only use it to open the door. This means even if you need to go out, you can leave your gadget in the room to charge. The electricity won’t go off.

City Center Hotel double bed
The double bed
City Center Hotel Single bed
The single bed

The bathroom is also big and clean, although there are black stains on the tiles, probably due to it being old. (I think City Center is more than 10 years old already.) Towels and toiletries (soap, tissue, and shampoo) are provided.

There is hot and cold water in the shower as well as in the sink. However, the hotel has a centralized water heating system. At night, I was able to enjoy the hot water. However, in the morning when I was taking a shower, they must have run out of hot water so the first half of my shower was cold water.

Another thing which isn’t really a big deal for me but I think I should mention too so you don’t say I only say good things is that there is water coming out near the shower control valve. (See picture below) It doesn’t affect the amount of water that comes out of the shower, but maybe some people are disturbed by this. And this is only in our room. Maybe in other rooms, it isn’t like this.

Water is coming out from the part where I encircled in this picture

Room has aircon
Room has aircon

City Center Hotel Staff

The staff at the front desk of the hotel, the housekeeping staff, and the security guards are all very polite. The security guard greets me every time I arrive and even offered to carry my stuff.

City Center Hotel Facilities

City Center Hotel is along Session Road but the entrance is along Mabini Street. From the entrance, you climb up the stairs to the second floor. It is where the front desk is located. From the second floor, there is an elevator.

Breakfast is not included during your stay. However, there is a cafe called Beans Talk on the second floor. I haven’t tried eating there because I don’t eat breakfast but I saw that they have cakes and pastries and their cakes look delicious.

There is free wifi in the room and there is no limit on the number of gadgets that could connect to the wifi. The internet speed is good.

City Center Hotel Price

If you book directly with the hotel, the price is as follows:

Standard Queen- Php 2300

Standard Twin- Php 2300

Deluxe- Php 2800

Family- Php 3800

With that price, I think City Center’s rate is somewhere in the mid-range. For comparison, a bunk bed in a dorm room in a hostel located in the city center is somewhere around Php 700 to Php 900, and a transient house located outside the city center is around Php 1200 to Php 1500.

My brother booked our room through Agoda. He only paid Php 1800 for the Deluxe Room.

Check-in time is 2:00 PM but we were already given a room even though we were there before 2:00 PM. Check-out time is 12 noon.


City Center Hotel Contact Information

Telephone Number: (074) 445 8888

Email address: reservations@baguiocitycenterhotel.com

Website: www.baguiocitycenterhotel.com

Address: MP8 Bldg., 45 Session Road Corner Mabini St. Baguio City

I hope this post helped you decide on where to stay in Baguio. If you don’t mind spending more, I highly recommend The Orchard Hotel Baguio. Its location is not as good as City Center Hotel, but it is newer and has better rooms and facilities. But if you don’t want to spend so much on accommodation but still stay in a comfortable and nice hotel, then stay at City Center Hotel. You will save up a lot on time and transportation costs.

This post was not sponsored by the hotel. My brother paid for our room. But I did use affiliate links in this post. I link these products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. If you found this post useful and would like to help me, I would appreciate it if you book your accommodation through the links. I will earn a commission from your purchase, but it won’t cost you extra. The commission I make will help in maintaining this blog.

Also, if you have any questions about this post, feel free to write them down in the comments section or you can send me a message on my social media accounts. Subscribe to my blog if you don’t want to miss any of my posts. And please follow my Facebook page @iwentanyways and like my Instagram accounts @iwentanyways and @tnadeperalta for updates.

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