The Stars Aligned On My 39th Birthday

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Yesterday I turned 39, and 2 years ago I started a tradition of posting something on my blog on my birthday. But I was tired and feeling lazy last night so I said I’ll just do it the following day.

This is the second time that I am celebrating my birthday in La Union. I usually travel somewhere on my birthday but because of the current situation, I celebrated it here again. I was kind of expecting it’s going to be a sad one. But it turned out great, thanks to my family and friends who took the time to make me feel loved.

I feel that the stars aligned for my birthday. First, I was supposed to go back to work on the day of my birthday because there is a community activity scheduled for June 17-18. The good news is that it was postponed to a later date. Next, my friend Violet is in La Union for a month so I have company. Lastly, I wished that it wouldn’t rain because Violet and I were planning to spend the afternoon at the beach. It had been raining in the afternoon on the days prior, but yesterday we had great weather and an amazing sunset.

I have so many people to thank for making my birthday memorable. First is my mom who was the first to greet me. She prepares a photo collage for my birthday every year and posts it on my Facebook wall.

Thanks also to my best friends Violet, Hanna, and Liza who greeted me right after midnight. Hanna even gave me a moon cactus as a birthday gift. To my siblings, aunt, cousins, and high school friends who sent me greetings before I woke up; and to Andreu who tried to send a surprise gift for me. He had to let me know in advance though because he thought that it might be sent to his name instead of mine. But I really appreciate the effort. He even had to make a Philippine Lazada account just to place the order. The package didn’t get lost, and it arrived on the day of my birthday.

It’s so funny because Violet attempted to surprise me too. However, there had been a miscommunication, and when the delivery guy called my number, instead of telling me there’s a delivery for me from Chu’s Diner, what he said was “Hello, Chu’s Diner?” I thought he was asking me if the number he’s calling is Chu’s Diner so I said no. Violet then had to message me and told me she ordered a sushi platter for me and it’s supposed to be a surprise, and that they called her up because the delivery guy is already outside our house. That’s when I figured out what the call was about. Hahaha.

I started the day with breakfast at Seabuds with my sister and nephew. I really appreciate my sister accompanying me. It’s a long walk from our house to Seabuds, and it wasn’t easy because sometimes my nephew doesn’t want to walk so she has to carry him. But she didn’t complain at all.

I visited Violet in their apartment and had lunch with her there. Then we had “rehearsal” picture taking. I asked her help to take pictures of my new tattoo because I’m writing a post about it and I need pictures for the post.

After that, we went to Kabsat to have coffee, then went to the beach near their apartment for the pictorial session. We took turns in taking pictures. We had a lot of fun. I was shy at first wearing a bikini because there were other people. But Violet told me it’s okay. They don’t know us anyway.

After sunset, we went back to their apartment to have dinner and drinks. Here are some photos from the beach in Jesus Point, Carlatan, San Fernando, La Union.


So that’s it for my birthday post. My original plan was to write a “39 things I learned” post but I’ll do that next time. Again, thanks guys (especially to you Violet, I know you are reading this) for making my 39th birthday special.

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