Snapshots from Brgy. Bagu, Bakun, Benguet

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The other day, we spent the night in Brgy. Bagu in Bakun, Benguet for a work-related activity. This activity was rescheduled many times, and it was the reason I had to stay at the site for two months. I waited for it to be finished. I’m glad that it’s finally done, and now I’m at home enjoying my field break. I was not able to publish this post last night because I was getting dizzy already.

To give you a short background, though in my bio it says that I am a geologist, as of the moment I work as a Community Relations Head. I am in charge of our company’s project in Mankayan and Bakun. Both are in the province of Benguet.

In the Philippines, a company must secure an exploration permit before it is able to carry out exploration activities in its project area. We are still working on our exploration permit, meaning we can’t do any geology-related works yet. To secure a permit, we have to go through several steps such as presenting the exploration activities that will be undertaken to the local officials and the Indigenous Peoples (IPs) of the project area and getting their consent allowing us to perform such activities in their ancestral domain.

Snapshots from Brgy. Bagu

Brgy. Bagu is one of the affected barangays in our project in Bakun. It is about two hours drive from Joruka Restaurant on Halsema Highway. It was my first time visiting Bagu and before going there, my colleagues told me that the place is beautiful. When we got there in the afternoon, the mountains surrounding the area we visited were covered with fog. My boss said the view is much better in the morning when the fog is gone.

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I haven’t fully explored Bagu yet but the sceneries I saw left me in awe. Hopefully, I get to see more of Bagu in the following months so I could share a detailed guide next time. For now, I’ll be sharing some pictures I took during our visit there.

Mt. Tenglayan
Mt. Tenglawan
Inside the compound of Bagu Elementary School

There are no accommodation establishments in Brgy. Bagu. We spent the night at the barangay hall in the rooms on the second floor.

I hope you liked the photos. I am looking forward to visiting Bagu again and check out the many waterfalls in the area. And I’m adding Bakun Trio to my list of things to do after the pandemic. If you have questions about the place or suggestions of places to check out in Bakun, please feel free to share in the comments section.

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