It’s October and San Juan, La Union is on GCQ Again

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The day before I went home for my field break, I saw the announcement that San Fernando City will be on ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) and San Juan on GCQ (General Community Quarantine) from October 1 to 14, 2021. Instead of things getting better, it seems like things are getting worse again. Active cases in the province are more than 3000 now. And there’s a recorded case of delta variant here already.

I was planning something to do on my field break (it’s supposed to be a three-day thing) and I even asked my ex to be my “Gerald” again. I’ve been preparing for it for 2 months. I thought I could still push through with my plans since GCQ has more relaxed measures but after reading the GCQ guidelines of San Juan yesterday, I decided it would be better to do it some other time.

What’s in the GCQ Guidelines anyway?

You can’t go out during the duration of the quarantine. Just kidding. You can read the complete guidelines here. Some of the guidelines that I think you might be interested in are the following:

  • The San Juan beaches and rivers shall be temporarily closed for the duration of the quarantine period. No person/group shall be allowed to stay in the municipal sea waters and within the foreshore area of the coast including rivers for any reason except for local fishermen and joggers.
  • Only DOT accredited hotels, resorts and restaurants shall be allowed to operate on a 50% capacity. Serving of liquors and other intoxicating drinks shall not be allowed.
  • Outdoor contact sports shall be prohibited. Other non-contact sports and other forms of exercise such as but not limited to walking, jogging, running, biking, golf, swimming, tennis, and badminton are allowed, provided minimum public health standards will be strictly observed. As per Lemon Dines’ post in San Juan Pagsurfingan Facebook Group, surfing is allowed while surf lessons are not allowed.

Hotels in San Juan, La Union That Are Now Open For Tourists

As for tourism in La Union, I haven’t read any announcements about changes in tourism guidelines so I guess travel for leisure to La Union is still allowed. If you wanna be updated about the changes in guidelines, subscribe to my blog and follow my social media accounts.

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How Was The First Day of GCQ Like?

This afternoon, I went to the beach for my daily walk. As per the guidelines, it says only joggers will be allowed on the beach. Well, that wasn’t the case. There were people on the beach. I didn’t see any town or barangay officials guarding the beach area. I was able to walk from Little Surfmaid resort up to the watchtower of San Juan (I didn’t have to jog). The difference is that there weren’t as many people as on the last day of September (when we were still on MGCQ) which I think is good. The day before the implementation of GCQ, the scene I saw was like how it used to be prior to the pandemic. There were so many people on the beach. They weren’t wearing masks, and they were not observing social distancing.

The beach situation before the GCQ

I hope they won’t prohibit people from going to the beach as long as they observe proper distancing. It’s not easy being locked up for so long. I have friends who suffered from depression because of the current situation. Being able to get some fresh air, hear the sound of the waves and watch the sunset helps a lot in relieving stress.

Let me end this post with some pictures from my walk. It may not be as good as the real thing, but it might help you relax a bit.

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