Quick Day Trip to Kabujuan Islet in Claver, Surigao del Norte

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Two months ago, I went on a quick day trip to Kabujuan Islet with my officemate Salee and her husband Edwin. We were supposed to go to the Bacuag Hangin Tulay only. However, when one of my officemates heard about our plans, she suggested that we drop by Kabujuan too. I checked pictures of the place on the internet and got really excited when I saw how astounding the islet looks like. I immediately messaged my ex-officemate who is from Claver to ask him about the place.

First, he said that it is best to visit the place when it is low tide. Second, it is advisable to contact a boatman at least a day before going especially if we are going to arrive there late because there are only few tourist boats waiting at the Panatao Port. He also told me in detail how to get there and even sent me a map.

To know the low tide and high tide time, look for a calendar similar to this. In this calendar, figures in red indicate low tide and those in blue indicate high tide.

From the terminal at Surigao City, we boarded a van bound for Hayanggabon. The van left the terminal at 8 in the morning and we reached Brgy. Panatao, Claver at 9 in the morning. From the highway, we walked towards Panatao Port where the boatman that I contacted the day before was supposed to meet us.

Panatao Port

The boat ride from Panatao Port to Kabujuan Islet takes about 20 to 30 minutes. When we went there, the waves were a bit big so it took us 10 minutes longer but it wasn’t scary at all.

The boat we hired for our trip to Kabujuan
Inside the boat. That’s Salee and her husband

Kabujuan Islet, a popular islet in Claver, Surigao del Norte, is known for its fine white sand and beautiful rock formations with an unfinished lighthouse which is its highlight. It is surrounded by beautiful turquoise water perfect for swimming. The islet has a laid-back ambiance and not crowded. There are no cottages in the islet but you can always hide under the rocks for shelter. When you go there, you need to pay Php 10.00 environmental fee and log your name in their record book.

The islet from afar
The lighthouse up-close
The top part of the lighthouse
You can stay under the rocks for shade if you wish to stay longer in the islet
Kabujuan Islet has fine white sand with small coral fragments. That yellow-orange thing is a sea glass.

Much as I wanted to take a dip in the water, I couldn’t because we have very limited time in the islet. Also, there’s no shower room in the place. I didn’t want to go back to Nonoc Island feeling very sticky. But I still enjoyed my time there taking pictures and climbing up to the lighthouse.

A smaller islet near Kabujuan

To get to the top of the lighthouse, you need to climb the wooden stairs which I encircled in yellow. The stairs don’t look very safe so I was a little scared while climbing.
That’s me climbing up and down the stairs. Is it obvious that I was scared?
It was worth the effort of climbing the stairs because on top you get this view
Salee posing happily on the stairs of the lighthouse
Me, Salee and Edwin

How to Get to Kabujuan Islet:

  • If coming from Surigao City, ride a Bachelor Bus bound for Tandag or a van bound for Hayanggabon at the Surigao City Terminal. Tell the driver/bus conductor to drop you off at Brgy. Panatao, Claver. From the highway at Brgy. Panatao, walk towards Panatao Port. (When you reach Claver, remind the van driver/bus conductor to drop you off at Brgy. Panatao because sometimes they forget). Travel time from Surigao City to Brgy. Panatao is around 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour by van. It is much longer if by bus.
  • If coming from Butuan, ride a Bachelor Bus or van bound for Bad-as or Surigao City. Alight at Bad-as and ride a Bachelor Bus bound for Tandag or a van bound for Hayanggabon at the Surigao City Terminal. Tell the driver/bus conductor to drop you off at Brgy. Panatao, Claver. From the highway at Brgy. Panatao, walk towards Panatao Port.
This is where you alight. Galeon eatery is on your right.


Van fare from Surigao City to Panatao: Php 90.00

Boat rental: Php 1000.00 good for 10 pax

Environmental fee at Kabujuan Islet: Php 10.00 per head

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