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As mentioned in my previous post, the highlight of my best friend Hanna’s bachelorette party in Bali last year was an Instagram tour photoshoot. Bali is a very picturesque place, and she wants to have nice pictures so she suggested hiring a professional photographer. We considered booking with Sweet Escape, but I found a better deal from Insta Tours Bali.

Insta Tours provides a fully customizable Instagram tour with professional photoshoots at 3 to 6 locations around Bali. When you avail of the tour, you get to pick the locations you want. The tour package includes free admission and parking to every location, pick up and drop off at your hotel or villa, personal driver and guide to take you around the island for a day, a professional photographer for the photoshoot and free lunch (our tour guide/photographer gave us 50,000 IDR each and it was up to us to choose what we wanted to eat). After the photoshoot, they give all the photos from each shoot and around 30 professionally edited photos. This is the main reason we choose Insta Tours. They give all the raw photos without watermarks. That means more photos to post on Instagram. ?


For the location, Hanna really wants Tirta Gangga Water Palace so it was the first location for our shoot. The next location was Virgin Beach and the third was supposed to be on a waterfall. But the day prior, they also visited a waterfall and they said that they had a hard time hiking to the place. They asked if there’s another option. Our photographer suggested Kanda Restaurant, a restaurant with birds and peacocks walking freely in the garden.

Below are the professionally edited photos from the shoot (warning: lots of pictures ahead):

Tirta Gangga Water Palace

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Virgin Beach

Kanda Restaurant

And more photos:

We paid US$ 99 per person for the Group Trip. Solo and Couples Trips are also available. You can book online at Insta Tours website.

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