Island Hopping in Siargao- Naked, Daku and Guyam Island

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Siargao Island is a famous surfing spot in the Philippines. For non-surfers like me, there are other activities that can be done, one of which is island hopping. There are three white sand islands off the coast of General Luna that are the stops of the island hopping tour – Naked, Daku and Guyam Island.

Naked Island

The first stop of the tour is the Naked Island. Nope, there are no naked people on this island. It is called Naked because it is bare. No trees, no structures, just white sand surrounded by clear turquoise water. It is a 200m long sandbar that submerges significantly during high tide. The island is so small you can walk around it in maybe less than 10 minutes. Of the three islands, I find this to be the best place for swimming especially if you don’t want seagrasses in the swimming area.

There are no trees on the island but there are tiny plants growing. There is also this rock stacking in the middle of the island.
Panoramic shot of Naked Island

Daku Island

The island from afar

“Daku” in the Visayan dialect means big. Of the three islands, Daku is the biggest. It is in between the two smaller islands. A small fishing community lives on the island. It is lined with countless coconut trees. There is a store available on the island. Cottages are also available for rent for a day trip or overnight stay.

Cute stacks of stones in Daku Island
The cottages on the island

Guyam Island

Guyam Island is a teardrop-shaped island with a small stretch of white sand beach and surrounded by a big reef. It is privately owned so there are caretakers residing on the island that collects the Php 10.00 entrance fee for every visitor. Cottages are available for rent. The island is dotted with coconut trees and surrounded by crystal clear water.

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Siargao Island Hopping Rates

Option 1: DIY

You can hire a boat at the back of the marketplace of General Luna (the jump-off for the island hopping) for as low as Php 1,500 (~USD 30) for a boat that can fit six to eight people. This option doesn’t include lunch, the entry fee of Php 10 per person at Guyam Island and the boat docking fee of Php 100 (~USD 2) at Daku Island. You can buy lunch at the marketplace before you leave, or buy fresh fish and seafood and take it to Daku and have the local shop there cook it for you for a fee.

The jump-off for the island hopping tour located at the back of the marketplace of General Luna

Option 2: Book a join-in island hopping tour with Klook

If you are traveling solo, you can book a join-in tour with Klook. It costs Php 1600 (~US$ 32) and includes boat fees, entrance fees, docking fees, cottage rental, boodle-style lunch buffet, and drinks.

Option 3: Book an island hopping tour in General Luna

There are many tour companies in General Luna offering island hopping tour package for as low as Php 700 per person (~USD 14), minimum of 3 persons. The package includes pick-up, drop-off, entry fee, and seafood lunch.

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