How to Save Money When You are Traveling Alone

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One of the good things about traveling with a companion is that you have someone to split the costs for transportation, tours, hotel, and food. But just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on your travel. The trick is to know how to make the most of your money so you can travel on a budget.

Here are some tips on how you can travel on a budget when you are traveling solo:

Travel during off-peak season.

Research when the off-peak season is for the place you want to visit. The place is less crowded during this time and prices drop for accommodations, activities, and flights.

Look for a cheap destination.

Budget backpacking destinations are very popular these days because your money can stretch far. Southeast Asia is one of the favorites of most backpackers because costs for food, transportation, and accommodations are lower in this part of the world.

Take local transport, rent a motorbike or walk.

Instead of taking a cab to visit a place, ride the train or bus. Or if you know how to ride a motorbike and you have an international driver’s license, you will save a lot if you rent a motorbike for sightseeing. If not, in some cities in Southeast Asia, you can book a Grab bike which is way cheaper and faster than a taxi.

If you’re checking out a place and it’s not too far, use Google maps and walk. It is more fun sightseeing while walking. You can stop anytime if you see something interesting. Also, you get to know the place in more detail.

Travel light.

Avoid paying checked luggage fees by traveling light. Also when your bag is light, it is easier to move around. It won’t be a hassle of taking public transport. You can avoid taking a cab which is more expensive.

Book in advance.

Accommodations and flights are cheaper when you book them in advance. You also get to choose your hotel/hostel of choice if you do it early. The better and more popular accommodations get fully booked fast.

From experience, Agoda and Booking have cheaper rates compared to other hotel booking websites.


Stay in hostels.

Hostels are way cheaper than hotels and rental houses. And there is a great chance that you will meet a fellow traveler who is going to visit the same spot that you’re planning to visit. You will then have someone to share a ride with. Also, most hostels offer free breakfast.

Book a join-in tour.

There are companies like Klook that offer join-in tours for different travel activities. Basically what they do is organize a tour for solo travelers. I have booked with this company several times while traveling solo and saved a lot of money as I didn’t have to pay for a single supplement fee.


Collect memories over material things.

Instead of buying souvenirs, take photos of the place and focus on enjoying the experience instead of buying trinkets.

Choose a destination that doesn’t require a visa.

There are countries that don’t require a visa for entry for a short period of stay. Choose it over a country where you need to pay a certain amount for the privilege of entering.

Do your research.

Read reviews and check out travel blogs. These are very helpful because they offer valuable tips about visiting a place.

Take advantage of free attractions.

There are many places that offer free attractions. Check out the free guides available in airports or look up online to see the things that are free in the place you are visiting.

Eat like a local.

Instead of eating in expensive restaurants, eat where the locals eat. You can save money and have a more authentic vacation experience.

Purchase a Local Sim Card

A local sim card costs less than using roaming data. Having an internet connection 24/7 is very useful when you are traveling because you can look up maps and necessary information online.

Traveling alone doesn’t need to cost a huge amount of money. If you follow these tips, you can travel very cheap. Have more tips to share on how to travel on a budget? Please write in the comments below.

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