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Exploring Surigao City: Punta Bilar

Last Updated on November 1, 2017 by Tina

Punta Bilar Dive Site is one of the Places of Interests listed in the Surigao City pamphlet. According to the pamphlet, it is a two-kilometer stretch of pristine marine life. I don’t dive. But I was curious how the beach looks like so this morning, I went on another solo adventure. I went to Punta Bilar without any idea what to see.

Multi-cabs bound for Lipata/Punta Bilar park near the fruit stand of the Surigao Public Market. When I went there, there was no multi-cab parked so I thought I went to the wrong place. I went around the area looking for the multi-cabs but didn’t find any. When I got back to the same spot, across Lumad Shop, an empty multi-cab arrived.

Multi-cabs bound for Lipata park across these shops.

Punta Bilar is 15-20 minutes walk from the Port of Lipata. But I didn’t walk because the multi-cab goes all the way to Punta Bilar. Multi-cab fare to Punta Bilar is Php 20.00. I alighted in front of one of the resorts. So how does Punta Bilar beach look like? Check out the pictures I took:

That small island is Sumilom. From Punta Bilar, you can see Danawan, Sumilom, Hikdop and Basul Islands.
The tiny island is Basul Island. As mentioned earlier, Punta Bilar is near Lipata Port. That ship, Montenegro Lines just left the port.
Boats are everywhere in Punta Bilar.

The beach at Punta Bilar looks like that at Almont Beach Resort. The water is clear and the sand is cream-colored. After spending a few minutes at the beach, I went back to the road to look for a ride, but I didn’t see any multi-cab or tricycle. I walked some more and when I saw a girl sitting on a parked tricycle, I asked her where to get a ride back to the city proper. She told me to wait for a multi-cab at that place or I could walk to Lipata Port. I didn’t want to wait so I walked. Along the way, I saw many resorts but they look unmaintained. There are cottages but only a few were occupied. I theorized that maybe Punta Bilar used to be a famous place for picnics in the past that’s why there are many resorts in the area.

When I got to Lipata Port, I didn’t see any multi-cab or tricycle so I continued walking. I checked Google Maps for landmarks and I saw Voyager’s Choice Restaurant and Halo-halo. I haven’t had lunch yet so I got curious. When I got there, I saw the food choices and I wanted to try everything. In the end, I settled for fried pork belly and goso salad. I also wanted to try their halo-halo but I was already full.

Lipata Port
Voyager’s Choice Restaurant is a few meters away from Almont Beach Resort

Fried pork belly
Goso Salad


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