Complete Guide to Visiting Lay-odan Farm in Balili, Mankayan, Benguet

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Aside from paragliding in Lepanto airstrip, one of the newest tourist attractions in Mankayan, Benguet, Philippines is Lay-odan Farm. Located at Mogao, Brgy. Balili in Mankayan, it has an elevation of 1650 meters above sea level. It is a forty-minute drive from the town proper of Mankayan.

The farm was once a hunting ground for wild honey. It had several manmade forest fires due to such unsustainable practices. In 2000, a major excavation was undertaken primarily for planting vegetables. The farmhouse was established in 2017. In 2020, the farm cafe and function hall were set up to accommodate farm guests, farmers, tourists, agricultural specialists, and students.

Lay-odan Farm offers farm tours, camping services, and hiking to Sodpac Falls. Looking for a quick getaway this summer? Here’s a complete guide to visiting Lay-odan Farm in Mankayan.

How to Get to Lay-odan Farm

As mentioned in the introduction, Lay-odan Farm is located in Mankayan, in the province of Benguet. Mankayan is a mining town in the Philippines. It is located on the north-western tip of Benguet. It is bordered by Bakun on the west, Buguias on the southeast, Tadian and Bauko on the east, and Cervantes on the northwest.

If traveling by private car, you can get to Mankayan from Baguio via the Halsema Highway. If coming from the northern part of the Philippines, you can get to Mankayan via Bessang Pass. When you reach Mankayan, take the Dacodac-Mankayan Road. It is around 40 minutes drive to the junction going to Lay-odan Road. The farm has no parking area, but if you keep driving, some 50-100 meters away from the entrance to the farm there is pay parking.

Lay-odan Farm parking area

If traveling by public transportation, from Baguio City, ride a van bound to Mankayan at the van terminal located at the back of Baguio Center Mall (Baguio City Dangwa Station). The fare is Php 200. The trip takes around 3 to 4 hours. Alight at Mankayan Plaza.

From Mankayan Plaza, walks towards the jeepney terminal and ride a jeepney bound to Brgy. Balili. The fare is Php 50. Tell the driver to drop you at Mogao. Walk 250 meters towards Lay-odan Road.

Jeepneys bound to Balili have limited trips. Your other option from Mankayan is to charter a tricyle to the farm. One way costs Php 600.

Lay-odan main entrance

Lay-odan Farm Operating Hours and Entrance Fees

Lay-odan Farm is open everyday, from 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 in the evening. It has an entrance fee of Php 50 per person.

Things to Do in Lay-odan Farm


Lay-odan Farm tent area

If you plan on staying overnight, the farm offers camping services. Tent good for 2 persons with beddings costs Php 350 per person. Free firewood will also be provided. If you’re bringing your own tent and beddings, the fee for the campground is Php 250. As for your food, you have the option of ordering food at their restaurant, or you can bring your cooking equipment and cook your own food.

If you’re not into camping, you can stay at the farmhouse.  One night stay costs Php 500 per person.

Advance booking is encouraged to avoid overbooking on the farm, especially now that the pandemic is not yet over. You can contact them at +63 912 811 2294.

Camping area

Hike to Sodpac Falls

Sodpac Falls

From the cafe, you can hike to Sodpac Falls with or without a guide. It is a 20 to 30-minute hike down to the waterfalls. If you plan on getting a guide, you need to inform the farm prior to visiting so they can arrange it with a  tour guide. Tour guide costs Php 80 per person.

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We didn’t go down to the waterfalls so I can’t show you pictures of the waterfalls up close. The staff at the farm said you will actually see three waterfalls when you do the hike.

Sodpac latta

Eat at the cafe/drink coffee

Grilled catfish
Grilled chicken

The farm has a cafe that serves dishes using vegetables harvested from the farm. They also serve homegrown Arabica coffee. You can also request them to prepare a dish that is not on the menu, provided they have the ingredients for it.

From our experience, it takes some time for them to prepare the food (around 1 hour), so if you plan on eating there, I suggest you give your food order before going on sightseeing.

Take lots of pictures for your Instagram

Admit it, one of the reasons you travel and visit a place is so you can take pictures for your social media accounts. Well, maybe not everyone. But even if you’re not into posting pictures on the internet, you can’t help but take pictures when you see Lay-odan. It’s very visually pleasing. It gave me Bali feels, minus the giant swings. I took a lot of pictures of the farm, and here are some of those.

Lay-odan Farm main entrance
At atuan tako
Sodpac Falls
Lay-odan Farm
Lay-odan Farm
Lay-odan Farm
Lay-odan Farm cafe

Lay-odan also has a function hall that can accommodate a maximum of 50 people. You can have this place as a venue for your wedding, birthday, or other special occasions. It costs Php 5000 for 8 hours of use.

You can also have your prenup shoot here. The cost is Php 2500 and the fee includes a changing room and coffee for the couple.

Other Places to Visit/Things to Do in Mankayan

Lepanto Golf Course

Paragliding at the Lepanto Airstrip-if you’re planning on doing paragliding and visiting Lay-odan Farm, you can arrange with the organizer of the paragliding your transportation to the farm.

Prayer Mountain/Mount Gadagad

I think that’s all for Lay-odan Farm. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Also, a gentle reminder that the pandemic is still not over so always observe minimum health standards.  Feel free to write down any questions below regarding visiting Lay-odan Farm or Mankayan in general.

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