12 Things To Do While Stuck in Quarantine

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It’s been almost two weeks since Luzon Island in the Philippines has been placed under enhanced community quarantine in response to the growing cases of COVID-19 in the country. And I saw in the news that many countries are in the same setup to minimize the spread of the virus. I know many are bored out of their minds so I thought of sharing some ideas to stay occupied while in quarantine:

Organize/declutter your closet

It will probably take you days to do this especially if part of your decluttering activity is dress rehearsal (to see if that dress still fits you or to check what top matches with that cute skirt) but take your time. You have more than two weeks left anyway.

Organize the files on your laptop

Maybe just like me, some of you have this folder with the name “For Sorting” that has a mixture of different files. You have plenty of time to organize those files now. Create a folder for your work files, travel photos, etc. To keep you even busier, why not sort those pictures by place or occasion.

Back-up and clear your phone photos

Your phone storage is probably low now because you are not deleting pictures from your phone. If you want to keep a copy of those pictures, why not create a back-up on Google drive or laptop and remove unnecessary photos to increase your phone’s storage.

Read that book you’ve been putting off

If there’s a book that you’ve been planning to read but you were too busy in the past, you have all the time to do it now.

Start a journal

Getting stuck in quarantine is a perfect time to reflect. So why not start a journal. Write anything that crosses your mind like things that make you happy or what you did for the day. I have read from one blogger that doing this exercise every day can help improve your writing skills.

Start a blog

If you love writing and you love sharing your works online, why not start a blog? This may start as a hobby but later on, if you put an effort into it you might actually make money from it. I highly recommend SiteGround for web hosting.

Web Hosting

Learn something new

They say that investing in yourself is one of the best returns of investments you can have. And you can do that by learning a new skill or a new language. There are plenty of online courses that you can take for free or for a small fee. Check out Skillshare, Udemy, or Coursera for some of the online courses that you can take. If you plan on teaching English online or abroad when the pandemic is over, one of the things that schools require is a TEFL certificate. I highly recommend the Online TEFL course by i-to-i to get certified. Their online TEFL Courses and Diplomas are UK Government-regulated, ODLQC-accredited, and recognized and respected by employers worldwide.

Happy New Adventure


I’ve seen people post on Facebook that this stay at home setup is causing them to gain weight because they are not doing any physical activity. Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you can’t work out. Why not look for workout videos on the internet and allot a few minutes every day for a workout.

Grow fruits and vegetables

This is what’s keeping me busy right now. The day after the lockdown in Manila was announced, my brother and I went to the grocery to buy some essentials. My sister was laughing at me when she saw the seed packets that I bought. She said people are hoarding canned goods and I went to buy seeds. I told her the community quarantine might extend, we really can’t tell. When the time comes that we won’t be able to buy anything at the supermarket anymore, my veggies would have grown already so we will still have something to eat.

If you don’t have seeds to plant, check your refrigerators. Maybe you have tomatoes that are already ripe, you can plant them. Or you can get the seeds from squash, lemon or calamansi.


Call/text/video chat with your family and friends

I’m sure you have friends or family members that you haven’t talked to in a while. Why not send them a message or call them and check to make sure they are doing okay.

Do some craftworks

If you are into crafting, there are actually many things you can do using materials that you have at home. Some of the things you can do are paper beads, bracelets made from t-shirt yarn (you can make t-shirt yarn by cutting strips from your old t-shirt), eco-bag using an old t-shirt and many, many more. Check out Pinterest for ideas.

Plan travel

Just because we can’t go out at the moment doesn’t mean that we can’t plan for our future travel. Maybe some of you have booked flights for the latter part of the year or thinking of going somewhere after this pandemic is over. Why not do the planning now while you have plenty of time? This link might help you in planning your trip to some places in Southeast Asia including the Philippines.

Not included in the list because everyone should have been doing this already, but in case you haven’t, pray. Pray for protection, pray for others, pray for our leaders, pray for all the frontliners who are sacrificing during this crisis and pray that all of this will end already. And pray to thank the Lord for everything.

So that’s it for my list. What about you, what are you doing with all the time that you have? Whatever it is that you choose to do, please stay at home to protect yourself and the people that you care about.

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