Instagrammable spots in La Union

10 Instagrammable Spots in La Union You Should Visit

Last Updated on October 22, 2021 by Tina

I think most of you would agree that apart from relaxing, one of the reasons we travel is to take nice photos we could post on social media like  Instagram and Facebook. I’ve read of people who even plan their outfits for the trip to match the tourist spots that they are going to visit. And of course, there are those who plan on how they want their photo to be taken in a certain spot.

I don’t do any of those, but when I visited my friend in Singapore last year, he prepared a spreadsheet of the places he’s going to take me (he always prepares a spreadsheet whenever we travel). And in his spreadsheet, there’s a separate section that he labeled Instagram. It’s basically spots in Singapore that are IG-worthy. That’s how supportive he is with my blogging career (hahaha just kidding about the career part). But seriously, the first time we met, he offered to take a picture of me at the staircase to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. He said that I need a picture to show the readers of my blog.

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Right now, I’ve noticed that my La Union posts are getting lots of views again. So today, after being MIA for more than a week (I was super busy with work and other things), I am sharing Instagrammable spots in La Union that you shouldn’t miss on your trip to the Surfing Capital of the Northern Philippines:

Taboc Baywalk

Located in Brgy. Taboc in San Juan, this is where surf instructors take their students when the waves in Urbiztondo Beach are too big for beginners. It is a good spot to watch the sunset and of course to take a photo for your IG. And if you’re looking to do something extra, why not walk to this place from Urbiztondo Beach. It is very relaxing and it will take you less than an hour to get to this place.

Macho Temple

Macho Temple is a Taoist temple perched atop a hill overlooking the West Philippine Sea. It is located in San Fernando City, La Union.

Urbiztondo Beach

Located in the heart of San Juan, La Union, Urbiztondo Beach is the primary spot for surfing and one of the best spots to watch the sunset in La Union. This is where most restaurants are located, and where most tourists hang out. Now if like me, you’re not very fond of crowded places, I know a spot where you can go have your beach photos taken without worrying that someone might photobomb you.

And because I am happy today, I am going to share my secret. The spot is located a few meters north of Kabsat. This is where my friend Violet and I usually take our bikini pictures. I assure you, there are zero tourists here. Actually, there’s no one hanging out in this area. Except maybe me and Violet.

Jesus Point in Carille

Another favorite spot to take bikini pictures because very few people come here (I told you I hate crowded areas), Jesus Point in Carille is located in Carlatan, San Fernando City, near Coca-Cola Plant. There is a statue of Jesus Christ near the beach, which is why surfers call it Jesus Point. This place is also a good spot to watch the sunset, so if you want really nice pictures, come here when the sun’s about to set.

Pindangan Ruins

Pindangan Ruins is a Spanish-built church ruins that is now being looked after by the Carmelite Sisters whose monastery stands beside the ruins. The church is located in San Fernando City and was built in 1764. A great earthquake in 1892 damaged the church and left it in ruins.

Ili Norte, San Juan

Somewhere in Brgy. Ili Norte in San Juan, near the office (headquarters?) of Project Curma, there is a vacant lot where there is an abandoned structure that looks like a toilet with cool graffiti. If you are into wall arts, then you should check out this place.

Centennial Tunnel/Salapak Tunnel

The Centennial Tunnel is a 500-meter tunnel in Aringay, La Union made in 1913 during the American regime. It was intended for the trains of the Philippine National Railways (PNR) bound for Baguio City. Because of the then-impending Second World War, the Commonwealth Government abandoned it. According to the locals, the tunnel already exists during the Spanish era, but it was only during the American occupation that it was developed.

Luna Pebble Beach

Located in Luna, the entire shore of Luna Pebble Beach is covered with rounded stones of different colors and sizes. Locals collect these stones and sell them. A few meters from the beach stands the Baluarte Watch Tower.

Paraoir Man-Made Forest

Paraoir Man-Made Forest is a road in Brgy. Almeida, Balaoan covered with trees. It is near Navalta Beach.

Agoo Eco Fun World

Agoo Eco-Fun Park is an ecotourism site located in Sta. Rita West and Sta. Rita Central in Agoo, La Union. It is a man-made forest and a few meters from the man-made forest is the beach with fine grayish sand. Picnic huts are available in the beach area. The wide piece of land is covered with agoho trees (they look like pine trees). If you want a picture that looks like you are in Baguio, then make sure you visit this place.

So that concludes my list. I hope you liked it. Leave a message below for any inquiries or suggestions or if you want to add some more to this list. Need more information about traveling to La Union? Check out San Juan, La Union Travel Guide During the Pandemic.

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