Blue Lagoon/Pangabangan Tidal Pool in Libjo, Dinagat Islands

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If you were able to watch Byahe ni Drew’s episode last May 25, the show featured the Province of Dinagat Islands. One of the tourist destinations featured was the Blue Lagoon in Libjo. We were able to visit this place during our all-girls island hopping trip last Labor Day.

Where is Blue Lagoon?

Blue Lagoon, also known as Pangabangan Tidal Pool, is located in Pangabangan Island, a distance away from the coastal barangay of Magsaysay in Libjo, Dinagat Islands. It is about three hours boat ride from Surigao City, the capital of Surigao del Norte.

Screenshot from Google maps.
The narrow area encircled in black is the entrance to the resort. Blue Lagoon is next to Pangabangan Beach.
Boat docking area

Blue Lagoon Cost

The entrance fee to the resort is Php 10.00 ($ 0.20 USD) per head. Open air cottages are available and cost Php 50.00 ($ 1 USD). Cottages for an overnight stay are not available but you can camp at the lawn under the coconut trees. Comfort/shower rooms are available but as of the moment, they don’t have a running water. But you can order water from the caretakers of the resort and they will fetch for you at the nearby coastal barangay. A pail of water costs Php 10.00 ($ 0.20 USD). There are 2 huts in the resort selling cold drinks, chips and biscuits but the vendors leave the place at 5:00 in the afternoon.

This is the open air cottage that costs Php 50.00. Photo credit: Princess Parubrub
The comfort/shower room
In case you plan on staying overnight, a pail of water costs Php 10.00.
The resort has a very nice lawn where you can camp under the coconut trees.

The moment I got off the boat and saw the lagoon, I was speechless. The crystal clear blue water was breathtaking. I thought I already saw the best in Dinagat when I saw Bitaog Beach, but Blue Lagoon is also beautiful in a different way. What’s more, it is not crowded.

The View from the Top

There is a big rock formation in the resort which you can climb to see a better view of the lagoon. I was too excited to see to rest of the place so as soon as I finished eating lunch, I climbed the rock. Halfway to the top of the rock formation, there is a viewing deck.

The stairs leading to the viewing deck
The viewing deck is a nice place to have your picture taken with the lagoon as your background. Many thanks to Jessabeth Mainit for taking this awesome shot. 🙂

From the viewing deck, I made my way to the top. Getting there requires climbing up jagged rocks, and it was a bit scary, but I wanted to know how it looks like up there so I went on. And I’m glad I did. Look at the pictures below to know why.

Stunning view from the top of the rock formation

Our semi “buwis buhay” shot at the top with me holding the selfie stick. Photo credit: Princess Parubrub

The Lagoon

After our photography session at the top, it was time to enjoy the water. There were some coral fragments in the sand so it is advisable to wear beach shoes though it won’t cause you any harm if you go there barefoot. The water was so clear and clean; I saw some tiny fish swimming with us.

The Blue Lagoon Squad: Me, Betchay, Jessabeth, Marlyn and Erika with Princess holding the selfie stick. Photo credit: Princess Parubrub
Drone shot from Princess Parubrub

Photo credit: Princess Parubrub

Drone Shots of the Lagoon and the Surrounding Areas from Princess Parubrub

Top view of the resort

The drone operator/photographer Princess Parubrub
View of the lagoon/tidal pool from the top.

This is the view when you climb up the rock formation at the Blue Lagoon

How to Get There:

From Manila to Surigao City:

As of the moment, there are no direct flights to Surigao City. You can take a flight from Manila to Cebu then Cebu to Surigao City. Alternatively, you can take a flight to Butuan City and from Butuan take a van or bus to Surigao City. Vans bound for Surigao City are available at the airport and near the bus terminal. Van fare to Surigao City is Php 180.00 ($ 3.60 USD). For the bus, you need to ride a multicab at the airport to get to the bus terminal. Bus name is Bachelor. Look for the one bound for Surigao City. The multicab fare is Php 20.00 ($ 0.40 USD) and bus fare to Surigao City is Php 230.00 ($ 4.60 USD). The travel time for the van is around 2.5 to 3 hours while it takes 4 hours for the bus. However, I prefer taking the bus since it is more comfortable and safer (vans are overloaded).

From Surigao City to Dinagat Islands:

Most of the people visiting Blue Lagoon take a passenger boat from the boulevard in Surigao City (at the back of Hotel Tavern) en route to San Jose, the capital town of Dinagat. The name of the boat bound to San Jose is News MPC. The earliest schedule to San Jose is 5:00 AM and the latest boat depart at 2:00 PM. Boat fare to San Jose is around Php 200.00 ($ 4 USD). The boat ride takes around 1.5 hours, depending on the sea condition. From there, they hire a boat for an island hopping tour.

For our island hopping trip, our starting point was Nonoc Island (all of us are working in Nonoc Island). As usual, we hired Kuya Jimmy for the trip. Our island hopping tour that day includes going to Cabacongan Beach and Miracle Pool. If interested, you can arrange a trip with him and he’ll pick you up at Punta Bilang-bilang in Surigao City. His contact number is +639071178718.

Photo credit: Princess Parubrub
Happy 🙂 Photo credit: Princess Parubrub
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    1. Hi. Di kami nag-avail ng tour package. Nagrent kami ng pumpboat from Nonoc Island. Pwede nyo icontact si Kuya Jimmy to negotiate the rate. His contact number is in the blog post. 🙂

  1. Hi Tina, I would like to ask permission from Ms. Princess Parubrub to use one of her drone shots of the Blue Lagoon. Can you connect me with her? Thanks in advance!

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